The Strain S1E9, “The Disappeared”

Strain Poster 2

Since I’m so late with this write-up this week (I was out of town…sorry), I’m going to skip my normal intro and just get right into the Hates/Loves.


1. Diane’s babysitting skills leave a little something to be desired.  Step one: don’t swear at the children.

2. Zach is not a very observant kid.  He saw movement in the house before he stepped inside, so he knows someone (or something…bum bum buuuuuuuum) is inside.  He opens the door to find signs of a struggle.  Does he hide or run outside, assuming something bad happened and that the perpetrator is still inside?  Of course not.  He makes it known that he is in the house, and only escapes because Matt was apparently equipped with the least accurate vampire stinger ever, and Eph just happened to get there in time to chop off his head.  (“You like being in my house now?  DO YA?!”)

3. They have brought up in the past how the virus affects everyone differently, but that’s extremely lazy.  It’s pretty convenient to have the first batch of infected take days to gradually turn, only to have the rest of the population turned in a matter of hours.  It’s nit-picky, but it really bothers me.  Matt had been bit earlier that night and was already in full-fledged “I’mma kill that kid,” mode.  No weird, awkward transition to being a creature of the night.  No days of feeling weird before your penis falls off.  None of that.  He went from human jackass to vampire jackass in no time at all.  I don’t ask for perfection, but I do ask for a little consistency.

4. Eph killing Matt, then just kind of standing over the body while the blood started to ooze near his feet.  Step away from the blood.  You know better.

The Strain - Matt's Head

5.  Matt’s decapitated head.  It looked so fake.  I couldn’t stop laughing.
There is a sponge diving museum in Tarpon Springs, Florida that has a scene depicting a man with the bends.  It’s a horrible looking dummy with blood coming out of his eyes and nose.  It looks extremely fake, but it gave me nightmares as a kid.  This is exactly like that, except with a lot more money, which only highlights how ridiculous it is.  Also, I’m older now and I don’t scare so easily.  Bring it on, sponge diving museum.  I’m ready for ya.

6. Dutch “The Magical Hacker” Velders seeing all the vampires unleashed on the world and promptly deciding, “Instead of hanging out with these people who seem to know what they’re doing, I’m just going to go home.”  Good thing Fet was there to kill her obviously vampired neighbor.


1. Eph’s “destroying the body of my ex-wife’s boyfriend” hair.  It went well with his, “post-vampire-killing sex” hair.

2. Gus’ running.  He looks ridiculous.  Head thrown back, mouth open, arms flailing.  Dude is a good boxer but apparently has no control over his limbs when he runs.

Final thoughts: Not a great episode.  It was building up some momentum over the last couple episodes, but this one really fell flat for me.  Too many lapses in logic among our main characters.