The Upper Footage



This was a very difficult film to watch. First off, I’d like to give a tremendous amount of respect to filmmaker Justin Cole for his renegade marketing tactics.

Without even knowing it you’ve seen commercials for this film all across mainstream media. The initial youtube post that went up caused a scandal as most people believed that the unknown young woman shown snorting cocaine was  actress Chelsea Kane. She eventually had to give a statement indicating that it wasn’t her in the footage.

The marketing is very similar to what was done with The Blair Witch Project several years ago. The line between reality and fiction is thinly veiled and without a lot of research is never clearly defined. The imdb page for the film features no actors and you can find Blake Pennington on social-douchebag website The Dirty.

The movie is about the death of an unknown young lady referred to as Jackie and the subsequent cover up.

The characters in this film are all awful people. One of them attempts to save face at the end but his willingness to go along with everything that happens makes it all for naught.

There are virtually no redeeming qualities to any of these people. One of the most disturbing aspects of this film is their complete disregard for human life and inability to process the consequences of their actions. After her overdose, Jackie is treated as an object and their initial plan is to dump her body the first chance they get.

The movie is a dark look into the mindsets of overly privileged socialites.  It’s an important film to watch because despite how awful everything you see is, it has an actual message. The monster in this film isn’t a ghost or a demon, it’s affluence.