The Walking Dead S5E5, “Self Help”

Season 5 Poster

I’m a week late with this.  Sorry.  I was out of town for work, and it just threw my whole schedule off.  Orlando was lovely, but I neglected my duties.  Sorry everyone.

Let’s just go with Hates and Loves, yeah?

1. I still don’t understand the whole, “Glenn and Maggie have to go with Abraham.”  I know that was the deal, but I don’t understand why that was the deal.  Just so they would have more people in their Eugene Security Party?  It was never really explained.

2. Abraham insisting on driving 70 mph down a road in a bus.  There are zombies and broken-down cars everywhere.  I know you’re anxious to get to Washington, but just slow down a little bit.  The people in this show have a nasty habit of driving too fast and flipping their cars.

3. The scene with Eugene humming really got on my nerves, and it went on entirely too long.

4. While the scene of Eugene dismembering zombies via fire hose looked cool, it seemed unnecessary.  I think they could have taken care of the zombies by themselves, and they would have been able to save that water to drink.  It was an ill-advised wet t-shirt contest.

5. Having two vehicles break down in a single episode was a bit much.

1. Eugene’s admission when he gets caught watching Abraham & Rosita having sex.  “Cards on the table, I was watching them…I enjoy the female form and I consider this to be a victimless crime.”  It was weird and skeezy, but it made me laugh.
We should also not be surprised that a man with a mullet was watching people have sex.

2. I’m glad that Eugene finally admitted to the group that he’s a fraud.  After trying to sabotage them along the way, it’s good that it’s finally out in the open.
It helps to explain Abraham’s drive to get him to Washington.  He wanted to believe in Eugene because that mission was the only thing keeping him alive.  Maybe he saw the cracks in Eugene’s story, but he didn’t want to believe Eugene was lying.  Watching Abraham drop to his knees was heartbreaking.

3. Watching the hope draining from Maggie’s face after Eugene’s admission was terrific.  Great non-vocal acting.

4. Eugene dropped to the ground like Apollo Creed.

Final thoughts:
I didn’t care for this episode immediately after it ended, but, after thinking about it a little more, I really liked this.  It got Eugene’s lies out in the open, and also helped explain Abraham’s motivation.  It wasn’t a great episode, but it was a pretty good episode.  Looking forward to seeing where they go from here with this group.