The Walking Dead- Season 7 Episode 4

The Walking Dead S7:E4 “Service”


Episode 3, aptly titled “The Cell” focused on Daryl, who was taken prisoner by Negan at the end of episode one. Daryl spends the majority of the episode in a cell, naked, forced to eat dog food sandwiches and listen to the worst song ever written on a loop. All this is an attempt to break him down. Dwight, who has a serious man-crush on Daryl, is both assisting in torturing him and trying to encourage him to join the Saviors. Dwight pulled the biggest dick move by giving Daryl the picture of Glenn, post-Lucille, then blamed him for his death. This only fuels Daryl’s fire to remain true to his family and not bend the knee to Negan.


“We’re on easy street and it feels so sweet. ‘Cause the world is but a treat when you’re on easy street.”


For episode 4, “Service”, we travel back to Alexandria where the residents are trying to put the pieces back together after Abraham and Glenn’s deaths.


The last two weeks have been stand alone episodes and this week began the integration of the locations with Negan and crew entering Alexandria. It was a “super-sized” 85 minute episode and, sadly, it was unnecessary. Let’s break it down.


Michonne is sneaking around, hiding rifles and practicing her sharp shooting.


Negan and his crew show up a week early, with Daryl in tow, still wearing his A sweatsuit. In typical fashion, Negan intimidates, while trying to be funny. He even makes Rick hold Lucille while they tour Alexandria. While Negan does not allow Rick to speak to Daryl, they do exchange some heartfelt glances.


The Saviors help themselves to anything they want with Negan’s approval, including the entire cashe of guns and ammo, leaving Alexandria with nothing to defend themselves with. When Rick questions this move, Negan’s response is, “Half is what I say it is.”


One of the Saviors finds Deanna’s video of Rick when he first came to Alexandria. Upon watching it and seeing how feral Rick once was, Negan exclaims, “I would not have messed with THAT guy! But that’s not you anymore, is it?” Further hitting home the weakened position Rick is in.


Negan asks about Maggie, with the intent of adding her to his harem. Gabriel appears out of nowhere asking if he’d like to pay his respects and takes him to a grave. We’re assuming Maggie is at Hilltop getting some medical care, but Negan isn’t any the wiser. Not yet, anyway.


When it seems Negan has asserted his dominance to the fullest and the Saviors are prepared to leave, Negan has one filthy parting shot for Rick involving oral sex. Before they leave, Rick does ask if Daryl can stay and Negan agrees if Daryl can plead his case. Daryl stays silent and leaves with his captors.


When Rick tries to get Michonne to understand why he’s trying to work with Negan, he drops a bombshell. He knows Judith isn’t his. He gives Michonne the backstory on Shane and Lori and says he’s always known, but he would do anything to protect her.


Final thoughts/questions:

Rosita, Carl and Michonne do not agree with Rick’s submission and Rosita is already starting her revenge game by asking Eugene to make her some bullets. Will Carl and Michonne play along and if so, for how long?


The truth about Judith is something we have pretty much known all along, but it was a powerful moment for Rick to admit it. This season is some of Andrew Lincoln’s finest acting.


Am I the only one who is over Negan already? I adore JDM and the season finale last year, after so much build up, was a great introduction, but the ongoing one-liners, combined with the over-exaggerated swagger is getting old.


Negan finds Father Gabriel creepy. I’m glad someone finally said it.


The Saviors take the mattresses from the Alexandria homes, but Michonne discovers them burning at the end of the episode. So why did they take them if they weren’t going to use them? Maybe the message is that they won’t sleep so easy anymore or that their lives aren’t going to be so cushy going forward.


When are they going to dispatch Spencer? Seriously, this guy is a knob and needs to go.


Next week we’re back at Hilltop and get to see what has happened to Maggie and Sasha. The war is about to begin.