Trailer Talk – Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead

Welcome back to another installment of the wildly popular Trailer Talk (note: this is not wildly popular).  Today we’ll be looking at Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead.

This movie appears to pick up immediately after the first movie.  The lone survivor (Martin) is in a hospital, having somehow escaped the clutches of Herzog, Zombie King of the Nazi Zombies.  (So, basically, it starts like Halloween 2.  But with Nazi zombies.)

Martin has gained some sort of superpowers with his infected arm, which is helpful, since Herzog has raised even more Nazi zombies to aide in his cause.

What follows is Martin enlisting the help of the Zombie Squad (led by Bill Haverchuck, taking a break from his Dallas watching) and raising his own undead army.  The last minute of this trailer is a montage of people and zombies stabbing each other.  There’s so much craziness here that I’m almost afraid they’ve shown us all the good stuff in the trailer.  But I don’t believe that’s the case.    If there’s one thing Tommy Wirkola won’t skimp on, it’s crazy fight scenes.  The first Dead Snow had an $800,000 budget, and includes my favorite zombie fight scene ever.

I haven’t seen what the budget is on this movie, but, based on what I’ve seen in this trailer, I assume it’s significantly higher than $800K.  (Wirkola’s budget for Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters was $50 million.  While there’s no way this movie will touch that, I wouldn’t be shocked if the budget for this is at least $5 million.)
It’s clear that Wirkola is taking the expanded budget and running with it.  Dead Snow was a pretty small movie, involving a small cast of characters in one location.  This film appears to take place in multiple locations, with a ton of people involved.  Two squads of super-zombies will be battling each other in the streets.  Blood and intestines will flow.  (It’s worth mentioning that Dead Snow had more intestines than pretty much any movie I’ve ever seen, and did some very funny and creative stuff with them.  It appears as though Wirkola is taking that theme and running with it in this movie, as well.)

I can’t tell you how excited I am for this movie.  Dead Snow is one of my favorite zombie movies, and this looks like it could be even better.  I’m having a hard time tracking down a US release date for this (initial reports had it listed as February 14, but that obviously didn’t happen), but I’ll be watching it as soon as I can track it down.