TWD: After

After what felt like an agonizingly long wait, The Walking Dead finally returnred last night with After. Picking up right where the midseason finale left off, Michonne  makes herself some new pets and Rick and Carl have some bonding time. Seeing Herhsel’s head, infected with the virus, was an amazing F/X feat, but it also kind of felt like a kick in the stomach. Isn’t  it bad enough that he went out the way he did? I cried for Hershel once already and now I gotta be upset about his zombie head being impaled? Plus, that tiny ponytail made me uncomfortable.

Now, let’s talk about Carl. Sure, he’s at the age where you’re expected to be an asshole everyday, but come on! Carl, perhaps you didn’t notice The Governor strangling the life out of your father. Or maybe you underestimated how emotionally draining it was for him to swallow his pride and invite The Governor into the prison and STILL have to watch Hershel die. I don’t know, maybe you didn’t buy his complete, all out emotional breakdown at the sight of Judith’s empty car seat. Whatever your hormonal problem is, I need you to get this straight:your father woke up alone in a hospital full of walkers and then did everything possible to find you. You and your mom who was now sleeping with your father’s best friend, Shane. So, don’t be bringing Shane up the way you did while your father is, literally, on his last leg. I understand that you have been through a lot as well, but let’s focus our anger in the right direction, shall we? I do hope you understand that your little Chuck Norris  adventure today was your freebie. Baiting walkers, using up your ammo, trying to break down doors, telling everyone “I win”…next time you pull this kind of stunt you won’t be rewarded with a giant vat of chocolate pudding. You will die.  Thankfully, you lost all of your macho swagger when you thought you were going to have to put your father down;lucky break. I’m proud of  you for admitting that you’re scared:everyone is. That doesn’t mean that you get to act like a selfish, little jerk.


The other storyline we were treated to this week was Michonne. I absolutely adored how they did the flashback sequence with her. As she stood there radiating beauty and confidence, her lover and friend slowly deteriorated until she woke from her nightmare. The writers have been very stingy thus far with Michonne’s back story;I’m conflicted by this. I really haven’t cared much for her character until just now. I crave more Michonne backstory!! Thankfully, she was able to gather herself up, re-enact a scene from Kill Bill and, ultimately, find Rick and Carl.


Now, I know a lot of you are disappointed in the absence of Daryl, but the group was fractured and Rick is the main character;of course the first episode back would be focused on him. Now that everyone is in tiny groups, I’m looking forward to seeing more character centered episodes. We love this show because we love the characters. Just because your personal favorite wasn’t featured tonight, it doesn’t mean that your time is being wasted. Everything always ends up coming together;patience is a virtue.

The show producers have promised to answer all of the questions we have by the end of this season. Mr. Lincoln has even stated that the most controversial episode they’ve ever attempted is in our future. Personally, I can’t wait to see where all of this is leading.