TWD Mid-season Predictions from Dusty

We find ourselves on the eve of the midseason finale of this season of The Walking Dead.  Allow me this chance of saying thank you to all of you who have read the recaps me and Fremont have done for this season.  I’ve had a blast writing them, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them.

But our time is now nearing an end (until it picks back up in February).  Since they like to go big into these midseason finales, we thought we would throw some predictions out there.  On Monday, you can read back through these and see just how wrong we were.  Or, perhaps, just how smart we were.  But it’ll probably be more the former than the latter.

Fremont has already written her predictions.  You can read them here.

Let’s get started, shall we?

What we know:
The Governor and his new lackeys know where the prison is, and are going to attack it, both for the supplies and for a fortified place to live.  Apparently a circle of RVs is unable to keep out zombies.  Who knew?  The Governor has people and a tank.  A TANK!

If these revelations were dropped on us during the fourth episode, I wouldn’t have batted an eye.  “We’re still 4 episodes from anything interesting happening with this,” I would say while trying to get these damn kids off my lawn.  But this is the midseason finale, and things get a little crazy during the midseason finale.  No way they tease all that sweet, sweet action and not do anything with it until February.  Bullets will fly.  Tanks will roll.  To paraphrase Cat R. Waul, “Saliva will flow.”  People will die.  But who?

When I said this would be about predictions, what I mainly meant was I would talk about who would die.  Because people are going to die.  Before we get to that, we’ll talk about who is safe.

Rick – No way they’re killing Rick.  He may not be overly popular, but he’s the leader of the group and the main protagonist.  This isn’t Game of Thrones.  Rick is safe.

Daryl – If Daryl dies, they will lose at least half of their viewers.  He may be completely neutered by this point, but he’s not going anywhere.  I understand Fremont’s fears of Daryl’s demise, but I can’t see it happening.  Game of Thrones is a completely different monster.  They have so many well-loved characters that it doesn’t matter what they do.  This is the most-watched show on cable, and AMC is currently hurting for viewers.  There’s no way they kill off the most-liked character on their most popular show right now.  Maybe they’ll look at it when the ratings start to dip a little, but not now.

Carl – Maybe someday, but not yet.

Michonne – I know the last episode ended with the Governor pointing his oddly shiny gun at Michonne, but she’s not going to die.  They finally started giving her a bit of a character (but not in the sudden, “T-Dog drives people to church” way), and she’s very well-liked.

Glenn & Maggie – They won’t kill the lovebirds.  Not today.

They’re all safe.  Everyone else is fair game.  But some are in more danger than others.  Here are the ones I’ll put directly in the crosshairs:

Hershel – I can see Hershel biting the bullet, probably at the hands of the Governor.  He’ll die doing something noble, like saving Beth.  Beth will then become the moral center of the group.  She’s practically there already.

Tyreese – I love Tyreese, but they really haven’t done much with his character, besides make him crazy when he found his girlfriend burned to death.  They’ll have him stop being crazy, make amends with his sister, then promptly die.

Tara & Alisha – The new couple.  Sad.  I’m pulling for them to make it, but I don’t see it happening.  They seem so cute together.

Judith, aka Lil’ Ass-Kicker – Maybe.  Not sure they have the guts to kill a baby on TV, but this is a possibility.  Mainly because we rarely see her, and life on the road would be much easier without a baby in tow.

Meghan – The child will be killed in the crossfire, leaving The Governor crazed and heartbroken.  It’s alright, Gov.  You won’t have to grieve for long.

The Governor – He’s as good as dead.  The smart money is on Michonne finally finishing the job, but a much more fun prediction is contained below.

Bonus predictions:
Carol will show up towards the end of the episode and will shoot the Governor dead.  Then her and Daryl will do terrible, terrible things to each other while everyone watches.  It will be uncomfortable.

Rick and his crew will come out victorious, but the prison will be untenable (because a tank ran over all the fences and blew large chunks out of the walls).  They will be forced to leave and try to find another place to live.  The episode will end with the survivors trudging along the road in search of a new place to call home.

That’s all for now.  See you all on Monday, when we can talk about what actually happened.