TWD S4, E15; Us

Robert Kirkman has been teasing/warning us that the last two episodes of this season were going to be full of action and cliffhangers; well, he wasn’t kidding. I am still having a hard time getting past the knowledge that Cobra dude is after Rick. Carol is not going to be the one to decide where Daryl’s loyalty lies; Rick is.  Now, THAT is an interesting turn of events. Perhaps I should back up, though.

We have seen so little of Abraham, yet, he already feels like a really solid member of the team. I enjoyed his observation and commentary regarding Ponytail and where her loyalties are and why she has placed them there.  Again, thank you to the writers for including a gay character without fanfare. She’s gay; so what.  It was nice to see Eugene not have a negative, macho reaction to this news either. He still fancies her. While I understand why Ponytail feels obligated to help Glen find Maggie, I really don’t see how that will ultimately clear her kharma, but I also don’t want to see Glen go it alone.

Glen, Glen, Glen…… who would have ever thought that you would become the man that you are now? I always knew you were a good guy, but I never dreamed that you would be the one in riot gear looking for your wife. I almost lost it when I saw that look on your face when you had proof that Maggie was still alive. After that, there was no stopping you; come hell or high water, you were going to find your wife. Wow! You didn’t stop there, though; you absolved Ponytail of her guilt and even covered for her later. Between Rick, Daryl, Glen and , hell, even Merle, the Zombie Apocalypse sure does seem to make the real men rise to the surface.  When Glen hit that barricade in the tunnel, he didn’t give up, he just started checking the trapped walkers to make sure that none of them were Maggie. Did that not break anyone else’s heart?  Of course Glen was NOT going to leave Ponytail behind! What  was his reward? Maggie!!! I never thought that the Walking Dead would make me cry because I was happy. I really had no idea how invested I was in Glen and Maggie until they finally found one another. I’m going to assume that was our last moment of true happiness until next season.


So, Eugene looks like a poor man’s Jack Burton and speaks in a southern monotone; I didn’t know that it was possible to speak that way. He seems meek and then he tells people that he’s going to save the world. This is a really grandiose thing to say. I love that Abraham has complete faith in this statement and his military training makes it that much easier for him to move forward based on this “knowledge”, but does he have proof? Despite Eugene’s ability to find the other end of the tunnel just in time, I am still mildly suspiscious of his abilities reargding saving the world. However, I do agree with him that going to Termius is the most logical thing at this point.

Let’s talk about Daryl; but not too much. I have negative patience for this group of “men” and their “claimed” nonsense. It is just so juvenile and stupid. It’s like the Zombie Apocalypse version of Duck Duck Goose. Normally, I don’t condone beating a man to death, but that jerkface had it coming. Listen Daryl, you know this is the wrong crowd to be hanging with; just leave. Please, for the love of Beth, leave before you realize that they are looking for Rick. Oh, and there is no need to refer to Rick as a “walking piece of fecal matter”.


Some of our group has finally arrived at Terminus. They didn’t find it at all strange that such a well kept place had only ONE human to greet them? Is everyone inside singing Kumbaya? Twitter exploded with allegations of cannibals in regards to Terminus. At this point, I think that we can all agree that nothing would be shocking in this new world, but if they are cannibals, I do hope it’s the kind that is led by Danny McBride and his gimp.  I’m not ready to go the full cannibal route just yet, but there is definitely something up at Terminus; I’m thinking more along the lines of Jim Jones, Charles Manson and Heaven’s Gate. Kool-Aid, LSD and Nike’s for everyone!!!


Allegedly, the season finale is going to be very rough and leave us with one of the worst cliff hangers to date. After seeing the tiny bit of previews, I am overly concerned about Rick. Part of me says, “It’s O.K., they won’t kill the main character”, but I don’t really believe that. I think Rick, Daryl, Michonne and Carl are all on the potential chopping block. Let’s not forget about Beth. Will we find out anything about her at all next week or will we be forced to wait until next season? Or, wait for it,….is Beth the main course at the Terminus welcome party? Perhaps that was the goal of the well stocked funeral home.