TWD S4,E10; Inmates

Hearing Beth’s journal entry while her and Daryl run from walkers was a lovely way to begin the episode. It’s  nice to know that someone is brave enough to take over Hershel’s roll as positive thinker and hope bringer, because ” if you don’t have hope, what’s the point of living?” This seemed to be the overall mesaage/question of the episode.  If you have nothing to live for (i.e.) Judith, Glenn, Tyreese, Maggie then what’s the point of all of this? Perhaps that was the question that was going through Daryl’s mind as he stared at the campfire. Daryl looks beat down by life and he isn’t feeling particularly “glass half full right now”. Who can blame him? I really loved how they used Beth and Daryl’s storyline as a way to also tell us Tyreese, Lizzie, Mika and Judith’s storyline.

Now, I just knew those little girls had Judith; Carol taught them well. Sure, Mika is a little bit quick to react to things, but that’s o.k. She’s a young, scared orphan running from zombies with a potential serial killer for a sister.  I’m still very conflicted about Lizzie. Sometimes I think she is just being really pracitcal and then other times, like when she’s suffocating Judith, I think she’s a little twisted. I’m really interested to see where her proclomation of “she doesn’t understand walkers” is going to go. Clearly, Lizzie seems to think that she understands something about the walkers that the rest of us don’t. Who knows; maybe she does. Maybe everyone’s salvation lies in the hands of little Lizzie Borden.


Thank goodness Carol’s return didn’t take any longer. It is really great to see her back and I enjoyed her apprehension with Tyreese. Hmm… does he know that I set his girl on fire?  I also expect nothing less from Carol than to not throw Rick under the bus. Now, the real question is, when and how will Tyreese learn of this information? How will he react? Maybe if they make it to Terminus successfullly, he will be willing to forgive? I realize that Terminus was originally going to be the city name for Atlanta, but it’s a wee bit ominous, even for this show.


Maggie is a woman on a mission and  a woman who is about to break. I never thought I would find myself so invested in the Maggie/Glenn story, but when Glenn woke up and started calling for Maggie, my heart broke a little for both of them. In fact, Glenn loves Maggie so much, that he is able to put on his riot gear and fight his way through a horde of walkers, despite the fact that he almost died a couple of days ago. Way to man up Glenn; Maggie needs you and I just know that the two of you will find one another. Oh, and a big thanks to Bob for being the worst alcoholic ever. If he hadn’t left that bottlle of booze behind, we wouldn’t know that fire attracts walkers. Am I the only one who was unaware of this bit of walker trivia? Why would they be attracted to fire?


I’m happy to see Pontytail (Tara) become a part of the group. What she has shown of herself thus far makes me feel she is a bit of a female Rick. She wants so badly to do the right thing and be a good person; these two could make a good team. Maybe. If nothing else, the girl doeesn’t back down from a group of strangers who didn’t feel the need to help her or Glenn. Enter Abraham. As I’ve stated before, I am not familiar with the comics, but I am aware that people are very excited about the addition of Abraham. All I know is Michael Cudlitz is a fantastic actor and I simply cannot wait to see what kind of badass this Abraham is going to be.


Alright. We know where everyone is and we have an idea of their current mental state. Now, we just have to see how all of these stories will cross paths with one another and what the introduction of Abraham means.