TWD Season 4 Mid-season predictions from Lisa

Tomorrow is the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead and I haven’t felt this much anticipation since  Mr. White broke bad for the last time. Everyone is so geared up for the showdown at the prison, but I can’t help but wonder if it doesn’t quite live up to our over- hyped expectations. Yes, it was killing most people that the last two episodes were more drama than action, but that’s what this show does. Anyone remember the mid-season finale from last season? The group was ready to take over Woodbury and Daryl and Merle were going to fight one another for the crowd; I was certain it was going to be cray-cray. Meh. Not so much. I have a sinking feeling that this is what we will get this time around.

Season four seems to be keeping the same storytelling pace as season three. So, while we know from the previews that The Governor is definitely going to make a go at the prison, that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen in the first fifteen minutes of the episode. It could happen the last ten minutes of the episode. The Walking Dead just loves to leave us with a cliffhanger. You see, The Governor is going to have to rally his people and get them on board to go take over the prison, so, there’s some more talk time for you. Rick still hasn’t had his heart to heart with Daryl:more talk time. In the previews, Daryl is clearly seen fighting for the prison. Daryl is a good guy and I don’t think he’s just going to storm out on Rick and the group like a spoiled teenager after learning of Carol’s forced exit. We certainly haven’t seen the last of Carol, but will she resurface as an unlikely savior, a new recruit for The Governor or will Daryl pull another “Sophia” and go looking for Carol? Really, the choices are endless.

So, who’s going to die? Usually someone dies at the mid-season finale. This girl here is hoping for Tyrese to finally be put out of his misery. He’s a loose cannon and he’s got to go. Alcoholic dude can go,too. I’m totally over that lame storyline. I’m sure there will be a plethora of characters whom we’ve never seen before offer themselves up for the slaughter.  Can’t help wondering if “Brian’s” new family will see him for the revenge hungry monster that he is and bail on him. These ladies are clearly of the same mindset as Rick;they should really be in the prison with that group.  I really don’t anticipate any major characters biting the dust until later in the season.  Hershel is a necessary mirror for Rick, they didn’t kill Glenn when he had the virus, so, he’s not going anywhere.

I’m going to let you in on a secret:I’m terrified that Daryl is going to meet his maker this season. Daryl has gone from neo-nazi guy that didn’t even exist in the graphic novels to series favorite. The writers seem to have really played into that this season. I don’t trust them not to get us even more invested in him, only to kill him off later. It would be very Game Of Thrones of them.  Daryl was in the periphery and now he’s just as important to the fans as Rick. I can absolutely see a Ned Stark/Red Wedding future for Daryl. Perhaps while in the process of finding Carol? Please don’t misunderstand, I have been in love with Daryl since day one. I pretty much lost my mind when I saw Norman Reedus pop up in that first season:could the show get any better?! I wouldn’t put anything past these writers.

Michonne could very well be on the chopping block tomorrow night. Her and The Governor have some unfinished business and they’ve been trying to make her likable recently. I have found this very cloying and obvious; maybe they think I will be more upset over her death if she’s been smiling the last couple of times we’ve seen her? Don’t think so. I like Michonne, but what purpose has she served recently?

Regardless of where we find ourselves at the end of tomorrow night’s episode, we will all be talking about it for days. This undeniable fact is the reason all of us (you, too, haters; for people who hate the show, y’all sure do know a lot about it) keep coming back week after week. I can’t wait to find out how wrong or right I am about some of these predictions. What do you think is going to happen?

Ooh:one last thought. Isn’t there going to be a spin off of TWD? What if this is where it’s all leading; to the storyline that will get us watching that show. Oy vey.