Wednesday 13’s Scream Britain Scream Live Concert DVD

SBSIf there is one good thing to be said about being down with a broken neck, it is that I have plenty of down time to watch a few new videos and get a review in on the good ones. Luckily for me, one of these that showed up in the mail last week was my preorder for Wednesday 13’s new live concert DVD, Scream Britain Scream.

Filmed at the Koko Club in London, England, while on the “Spook and Destroy” tour on Halloween 2012 this provided the perfect setting for a Wednesday show.

As always I have to say that this is the tightest version of Wednesday’s band that I have ever heard in his history. Roman Surman, Jack Tankersley, Troy Doebbler, and Jason “Shakes” West fill the musical void that is live videos since this one actually sounds like a live show!

Other than the band, which seems to be having fun with the performance, the sold out audience in attendance is captivated from beginning till end of the 19 songs. W13 and the boys hold up the energy that is expected from a rock show where others would have dropped off after the third song. Opening with “Rot for Me” and moving though staple W13 numbers such as “House by the Cemetery”, “My Home Sweet Homicide”, “Gimme Gimme Bloodshed”, “Rambo”, and the encore numbers of “I Love to say Fuck”, and of course “Bad Things”.  Of course there is the harder and jams such as “Put Your Death Mask On”, and “All American Massacre” just in case you feel that you need to mosh the shit out of your media room.

If you have ever seen W13 live, you will know that even though this show was meant for video, it is not anymore over the top than any of his other shows that were not recorded. W13 puts out the most high energy performances despite the venue size or date. But this one show in particular captures that statement on film for any nay-sayers that may have the balls to exist!SBS2

For the true fans, the boys have included a few clips of  the backstage antics and the after show fan meetings. “Did you ever get those socks, Wednesday?”

Also, we have to hand it to artist, D.A. Frizell, who provided another ghoul-iscious offering of cover art. As a side note, Wednesday also gave the chance to 13 lucky fans to have their names on each undead Brit’s helmet via ebay auction. Now we all know this helps out with productions costs but can you really think of a better way to get closer to your fans than to be able to have one say “Hey, you my name was printed on ghoul #13’s helmet?” I think not.

If you are starting up a band, take note, this is what a rock show is supposed to look like! For the love of Goth, don’t stand there catatonic and don’t stare at your feet for an hour and a half! This is a sure hit to any fan of horror rock. It is gritty, catchy, and high energy packed the way that a good rock show should be!

Fair warning!!! I don’t care how catchy the songs are, please remember that it isn’t a great idea to head bang to Wednesday 13 while your neck is broken!

5/5 Bloody Jack-o-lanterns


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