What Comes Next: Here Comes the Devil

In this series, I take a look at what happens to characters after the credits roll.  Beware of spoilers.  There will be spoilers.

You can read about the origin of this series here, and my original review of this movie here.

Before I get started, let me start with this: in all likelihood, the possessing spirit is not the actual devil.  Multiple people are being possessed, which would probably make it more of a legion of Pazuzu-type minions descending upon this mountain cave, in search of bodies to inhabit.  But, since “The Devil” is in the title, we’ll just keep rolling with that.

When we left Felix and Sol, Sol had discovered that their children had died in the mountains, and the devil had taken their place.  (Seeing as how the name of the movie is Here Comes the Devil, this was not the least bit surprising.)  She kills the demon-spawn who had taken their form and takes Felix into the mountains to show him their bodies, so that he will see that their actual children had died weeks earlier.  Felix is promptly possessed by the demon, and shoots Sol in the head.

The movie ends with the newly dead & possessed Felix and Sol getting into their car and driving away from the mountain, presumably back to the city so they can wreak unholy hell on everyone they come across (and to stand on chests of naked women, because apparently the devil loves to do stuff like that.  He’s a real scamp).

The car appears to be a stick shift, which the devil cannot drive.  (They say the devil can’t write a love song, and apparently he can’t drive stick, either.)  The last scene of the movie is the car, driven by Devil Felix, lurching down the dirt road and swerving back and forth.

What comes next?

It has already been established that the devil can’t drive stick.  And apparently he can’t drive in a straight line.  So it stands to reason there are a lot of things in this modern world that the devil does not have the skills for.

What follows is a fish-out-of-water comedy, with the devil trying to get acclimated to modern life.

The devil goes grocery shopping!  That wacky devil doesn’t even know what a ripe banana looks like!
The devil goes skiing!  Watch out for that tree!
The devil meets with clients!  Make sure not to mention anything about the Lord of Darkness!
The devil can’t figure out how to use a cell phone!  Try navigating that touchscreen with a severed finger!
The devil can’t get those pots put away!  And we mean, he really can’t get those pots put away!

This goes for 90 minutes or so, until someone gets wise to the devil and casts him back to Hell.

It’s a laugh riot.

And, honestly, it wouldn’t be any stranger than the actual movie.