White Empress: The music I never thought I needed.

I don’t normally do music writeups but this is different. I was recently introduced to this band and they’ve successfully two burning questions inside of me. “What if horror was thematically more metal and what if metal could be more cinematic.”

Ok. So those aren’t questions I had but in retrospect I should have probably asked them.

I was sent the video to  Revenant which is a short horror film with accompanying music and had to watch it about 13 times before I could even begin to write this out. So here are some thoughts:

If the music sounds a little familiar to you it should, White Empress is the brainchild of Paul Allender who was a longtime member of Cradle of Filth and this track reminds me of a lot of their older stuff where they’d get Doug Bradley to do the narrations.

I enjoy this medium of storytelling. I don’t want to add a genre to the music but this type of metal can be cinematic at times and while I’ve often thought it would be good on a soundtrack I never had confidence in it being pulled off correctly. The Revenant fixes this. It’s a seamless blend of the things you love in metal and artistic horror storytelling.

If you’re the type of person who listens to horror podcasts and videos and enjoys good metal, you should give these guys a shot.

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Check out the video I wouldn’t stop talking about here