Wicked Intentions by Charity Langley Book Review

Wicked Intentions is the debut novel from Georgia writer Charity Langley. It follows protagonist Lauren DarPayne, a vampire that strips at an Atlanta club named Wicked Intentions.

The story opens up with Lauren trapped in line at a gas station behind an old woman who insists on paying in small change that she apparently can’t be bothered to count beforehand. Luckily, this tedium is broken up by two absolutely inept robbers, one of whom comically wields an empty two-litre bottle. This leads us to her introduction with Detective Therone Caen. His first introduction makes him seem like a person who knows a lot more than they’re letting on and gives him an odd sort of sleeziness. The opening scene really helps set the tone for the rest of the novel, it is often humorous in tone and Lauren’s observations always come across as something that people in those situations would actually say.She is eventually paired up with Therone and their relationship has many comical scenes that skilfully stay away from cheap cliche territory.

One of the strengths of this novel is the world that Charity Langley has created. It is a grimy and dirty world, filled with gargoyles, sanggoyles, werewolves and vampires. There is sufficient exposition on all of the races and they are written strong enough that they all seem to have a place within the pages of the book. There are times when you feel that you know exactly where the story is going, but thankfully you are often proven wrong.

At just under 340 pages, Wicked Intentions is an enjoyable and quick read. I highly recommend picking this one up and will be anxiously waiting for the sequel.


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  1. “Instead of a gun, he wielded a very scary, obviously empty, green two-liter soda bottle.
  2. “Ever heard the term ‘blond moment’? I can introduce you three girls that practice them devoutly. Who said religion’s dead?”
  3. “Who are you?” I asked not immediately recognizing the voice. “And why am I in bed… and naked?”