Anatomy of a Scream and Grim Magazine

Anatomy of a Scream is, in their own words “…a female-run, queer-positive horror entertainment and lifestyle site offering news, reviews, analyses, and humour with a feminist perspective.”

Their website features high quality writing and entertaining articles. Their commitment to being inclusive is a very welcome change to what some of us are used to seeing out there and we commend them for it.

They feature a very diverse team of Women and Men and their twitter account is a must follow.

Today they are launching the first issue of Grim Magazine. The goals of the magazine are similar to those of the website. To be a female-fun, queer-positive place for you to satiate your appetite for highly analytical writing. Having had the chance to read the first issue a week early, I can’t recommend this enough. There is currently nothing on the market that comes close to what you’ll find here. They deftly tackle gender and race issues a very amusing “Classified Ads” section.

The magazine and website are both run by our friend Valeska Griffiths, who was kind enough to answer some of our questions here.

Be sure to head over to the Anatomy of a Scream website to snag your own copy of Grim Magazine today.