Interview – Jennifer McCarthy

How did you get the idea for Final Girl Designs?

I have always loved horror. The concept of the final girl has always resonated with me. I recently wrote a blog about it which you can find here

I have been making jewellery for over 20years. My love for horror was reignited when I started going to the Rock and Shock convention in Worcester, MA. Things kind of clicked into place for me and it just  made sense to bring my two passions together.

Do you have a favourite piece that you’ve made?

I don’t have a specific favorite piece. But, I love to incorporate vintage materials into my work. My favorite thing to do is breathe new life into old broken and neglected jewellery.

I love the aesthetic behind your pieces, how do you go about crafting your designs?

Thank you! My work is assemblage, I find cool things and put them together to make other cool things. I source my materials from around the world and make my designs based on what I find. A lot of what is on the site now has a weaponry theme.That was the first place my mind went when thinking of a final girl jewellery concept.But, spooky things in general make me happy so I make what speaks to me. The important thing to me is that I make original things. You can get Jason mask stuff anywhere. My designs have a distinct style that you will not find just anywhere.

How can we support your work?

Please visit my website and my blog

How long does it take to make each piece?

The actual assemblage doesn’t really take that long. But, if I have a design in mind and I need a specific element for it I will search high and low until I find exactly what I want. That can take hours and hours. I have a specific bracelet design right now that needs a certain finishing touch that I have been searching for for months.

Any special products coming out in the next little while our readers should be aware of?

I am working on putting together some cameo necklaces that will be out after my Halloween collection comes down.

I also wanted to mention that the Movie Crypt podcast with Adam Green and Joe Lynch has played a huge role in my current creative path. Hearing the struggles and successes of other artists has been very motivating. I recently had the opportunity to donate to their Save a Yorkie charity podcast they did in December. They held a silent auction. It was an honor just to see my jewellery on the auction site with Hatchet props and all the other cool movie memorabilia and other stuff. Adam and Joe were gracious enough to give me a special thank you in episode 241 where they interview MJ Bassett. To be able to connect with artists you respect and look up to and have them appreciate your work is the most amazing feeling in the world.