Scarina’s Weekly Roundup: 11/10/14

The Worst Game of “Would You Rather…?” Ever

So would you rather deal with one, giant, Shelob spider or over a million little spiders?  The Baltimore Wastewater Treatment Plant got to play this fun game when they put out a call for extreme spider help.  I guess the spiders were really into snowboarding and drinking Surge.


That fluffy white stuff isn’t cotton candy.  The spider web was almost 4 acres long and had a very conservative estimate of 107 million spiders.  Some areas had a spider population density of 35,176 spiders per cubic meter.  The webbing pulled a light fixture out of place.  An EIGHT FEET LONG light fixture.  It’s not uncommon for multiple spider species to band together and make megawebs but the fact that the word “megaweb” even exists makes me so uncomfortable.



That’s a Way to Get Attention

The Swedish amusement park, Gröna Lund, has released a hilarious video of a poster prank for its latest attraction, House of Nightmares which is opening in 2015.

The description from their website states, “You stand in front of a desolate and abandoned house. No one knows what to expect there, but one thing is certain – something evil lurking in the darkness. The nightmare experiment was performed once by the mythical Dr. Morphio is alive and haunts the house’s every nook. Dare you enter Dr. Morphios House of Nightmares and face your worst nightmares?”

Watch the video here!


“American Psycho” Is so Passé

Rurik Jutting, a Brittish banker who recently worked at Merrill Lynch, was arrested in Hong Kong for a murder spree allegedly inspired by American Psycho.


I guess he didn’t get the memo about the Patrick Bateman workout.

Hong Kong police found a dead woman stuffed in a suitcase on the balcony of his apartment and a second woman dying in his living room.  Sadly, she succumbed to her wounds.

There were clues that something wasn’t right with him, his email autoreply was, “I am out of the office. Indefinitely. For urgent enquiries, or indeed any enquiries, please contact someone who is not an insane psychopath.”



I Want Your Skull!  I Need Your Skull!


A Stamford, Connecticut family recently came forward to claim 2 skulls found at a dump, believing them to be the skulls of their deceased grandparents.  Their grandparents were interred in a mausoleum at St. Michael’s Cemetery but their remains were stolen a decade ago.

The skulls were found mixed in with the belongings of the recently deceased Robert Devitto, along with books about Satan and witchcraft.  Devitto’s father, also named Robert, said that his son purchased the skulls legally and paid thousands of dollars for them.  The skulls are currently being tested to see if they’re a match.



You Moved the Cemetery but Left the Bodies!

Hat tip to Anne Rice for pointing out this old but still good story from my favorite city.

Vincent Marcello got the surprise of a lifetime when he planned to add a pool to his French Quarter condo.  Knowing that his condo on North Rampart and Toulouse Streets was on land from the city’s first burial ground, he hired an archaeologist to double check the land.  They found coffins four feet down, fifteen of them to be exact.  Fifteen waterlogged coffins were removed to study the remains.

I’m still not sure I’d get into that pool, I’ve seen Poltergeist.



With a Name like that What Else Could He Be?


Images have been released documenting the home of alleged murderer and self-proclaimed Satanist Pazuzu Algarad and it’s not a pretty picture.  Apparently, the place was littered with trash, excrement, and animal carcasses.  Algarad is accused of killing a man and burying him in his backyard.