Women in Horror Spotlight: C L Raven

C L Raven are identical twins and mistresses of the macabre from Cardiff. They’re horror writers, as ‘bringers of nightmares’ isn’t a recognised job title. They write short stories, novels, comics and articles for Haunted Magazine and Living Paranormal Magazine and have been published in various anthologies and horror magazines. They’ve been working on indie horror film, Clownface and will soon be writing and directing their first short horror film, The Black Kiss. Every Friday night, they host The Graveyard Shift on Vitalize Radio. Along with their friend Neen, they prowl the country hunting for ghosts for their YouTube show, Calamityville Horror and can also be found urb exing in places they shouldn’t be. They also gracefully fall off poles as they learn PoleFit, and ungracefully faceplant as they learn gymnastics.

C L Raven were kind enough to allow us to interview them. You can read that here


Links: Blog – clraven.wordpress.com

Twitter – @clraven @calamityhorror

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/CL-Raven-Fanclub-117592995008142/


Instagram – clraven666 CalamityvilleHorror666

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/RavensRetreatStore

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