Lentil-Cauliflower soup Recipe

Greetings. I mentioned making this on twitter and said I’d share the recipe if people were interested. I was not expecting people to be interested but here we are.

It’s a mix of a few different recipes I’ve found with my own added twist on a few things. Hopefully you enjoy. If you make it and like it, let us know on twitter. If you make it and you don’t like it…uh…blame Dusty?



1 tblspoon Coconut oil

1 Yellow Onion

Garlic (I use 4 cloves. You don’t need this many)

2 tablespoons of Curry powder

2 teaspoons of Cumin, Turmeric, Paprika.

1.5L of Vegetable Broth. (I used Chicken broth once and it was ok. Really salty)

3 Rainbow Carrots cut into small pieces

Baby Spinach (A bunch for the end)

Ginger. It says to mince it but I just tut it into squares and then into really small pieces.



1 Cup of Red Lentils



  1. Add the coconut oil to a cooking pot. Heat it up and then add the onion and garlic until they’re sautéed to your liking
  2. Add the ginger and the spices
  3. Add the broth and lentils and bring it to a low boil
  4. Add the cauliflower, potatoes and carrots. Cover it and let it simmer until the potatoes and cauliflower are soft.
  5. This is a little out of order, but before you expect the soup to be ready, add about two handfuls of baby spinach and let it wilt.
  6. Add salt/pepper to taste and then pour into a bowl
  7. Enjoy and don’t blame Shawn if it doesn’t turn out well!

Creating characters: The Dungeons and Dragons method

One thing we like to ask people is how they go about the arduous process of creating characters for their stories. While we’ve never had the same answer twice there have been a few standout answers and I’d like to discuss one of them today.
It comes from our friend Charity Langley and it’s called The Dungeons and Dragons method. I’ll explain this the best that I can, but it helps if you have some knowledge of DnD beforehand.

Basically, you roll stats for your character and include any strengths and deficiencies into them. For the purpose of this exercise I’ll use The Pathology Guy and their standard 5e character generator.

So, here’s the first step. Roll a character. What this means is grab anything from three to six regular six sided dice. You’ll see this written down as 3d6 (Three dice with six sides), 4d6 (four dice with six sides), 5d6 (five dice with six sides) and very rarely, 6d6 (six dice with six sides).

Whatever method you choose, you roll the dice and add them together to get your number. Whatever number of dice you choose to roll, you keep your three highest numbers and add them together. If you pick 5d6 for instance and roll a 6,5,5,4,3, you would keep the 6, 5, 5 for a total of 16. You could then assign that 16 to a specific stat which I’ll get in to later.
Now, there are a lot of numbers coming up so I’ll give a brief explanation on how they work. Basically, 10 is average. The average human will have a score of 10 in most of these categories. The higher you go, the more exceptional that person gets. Normally this caps at 20.

These are the stats I got using the standard 3d6 method (Rolling three six sided dice.)

12, 11, 11, 8, 9, 3

I normally assign the values in the order that they appear so I don’t make things complicated.  The default order for these is this:
Strength (How strong you are, how much you can carry.)
Dexterity (How Dexterous/Agile your character is)
Constitution (In Dungeons and Dragons, this represents Health and Stamina.)
Intelligence  ( How smart your character is)
Wisdom  (How wise they are)
Charisma (How good they are at dealing with other people).

Since I just put the numbers I rolled in order, that would give me the following:
Strength: 12
Dexterity: 11
Constitution: 11
Intelligence: 8
Wisdom: 9
Charisma: 3

Before continuing, I will say that these are the lowest scores I’ve ever rolled because…of course they are.

You’ve now got a brief portrait of your character and what defines them. Our lowest score is 3 which we assigned to Charisma and that will work wonders for our character building because it’s an instant ‘flaw’ that we can add.

One thing I enjoy about this method is (with the exception of now) that right off the bat you are able to have strengths and weaknesses when writing a comprehensive backstory.

For this person, I’d write somebody that is very strong and agile but doesn’t do interaction very well. He or She could be a lone-wolf type character, possibly some type of assassin or a crotchety librarian.
This method is absolutely not for everybody, but if you’re familiar with the Dungeons and Dragons mechanics, it’s a cool system that instantly creates some quirks for you.

I’d like to see you guys come up with something for this character based on these stats. Write a backstory in our comments section or hit us up on twitter.

You can grab character sheets from the official Dungeons and Dragons website here


*UPDATE: Shawn expanded on the dice method and several other things.

The Conjuring 2

I know I’m a little late talking about this movie but I watched it last night as part of my Halloween Horror Night and boy do I have some stuff to say.

This franchise is the perfect example of one step forward two steps back. For every single effective scene and beautiful cinematography trick, there’s a giant misstep that completely breaks any and all immersion. The first Conjuring movie suffered from this as well with the inclusion of Annabelle. That entire sub-plot should have been left out. It added absolutely nothing and any scene that featured it completely detracted from the final product.

The Conjuring 2 has its own version of Annabelle and it’s The Crooked Man. I was really enjoying this movie until he made an appearance. The pacing had been excellent and the movie was doing a very good job at creating tension. Then The Crooked Man shows up. The scene was completely useless and so poorly done it took me nearly the entire remaining run time of the movie to get back in to it. They then bring The Crooked Man back for…I don’t know. I couldn’t tell you. It didn’t work the first time and worked even less the second time. Its inclusion just screams side movie. I guarantee, with Bitch-Cat and Lucy-Furr as my witnesses that within a year of this posting people will be lined up in the cinemas to see a solo Crooked Man movie.

The rest of the film I did enjoy though which makes what I talked about above so frustrating. This movie had all time great potential in my eyes. It dealt with the Enfield Haunting which I suggest you don’t look up yourself if you haven’t seen the movie yet. The main “villain” is grotesque and I love that they went with the image of a corrupted nun. I’ve mentioned a few times that I grew up a pretty devout Catholic so seeing anything like this is always a win in my eyes.

The acting is solid and I didn’t realize that Franka Potente was in this until the credits rolled. If you liked the first one then definitely check this one out. If you hated the first one The Conjuring 2 is absolutely more of the same. This franchise had so much potential it’s a shame and while I can appreciate all the ideas that got thrown in to the movies, somebody should have been there to reel some of them in.

White Empress: The music I never thought I needed.

I don’t normally do music writeups but this is different. I was recently introduced to this band and they’ve successfully two burning questions inside of me. “What if horror was thematically more metal and what if metal could be more cinematic.”

Ok. So those aren’t questions I had but in retrospect I should have probably asked them.

I was sent the video to  Revenant which is a short horror film with accompanying music and had to watch it about 13 times before I could even begin to write this out. So here are some thoughts:

If the music sounds a little familiar to you it should, White Empress is the brainchild of Paul Allender who was a longtime member of Cradle of Filth and this track reminds me of a lot of their older stuff where they’d get Doug Bradley to do the narrations.

I enjoy this medium of storytelling. I don’t want to add a genre to the music but this type of metal can be cinematic at times and while I’ve often thought it would be good on a soundtrack I never had confidence in it being pulled off correctly. The Revenant fixes this. It’s a seamless blend of the things you love in metal and artistic horror storytelling.

If you’re the type of person who listens to horror podcasts and videos and enjoys good metal, you should give these guys a shot.

Find them on facebook

Check out the video I wouldn’t stop talking about here

Pets of the Horror World.

From our twitter friend @tgshepherdvan

Trap Door Chihuahuas
Thor and Bambi. ADORABLE
Thor and Bambi. ADORABLE

Thor and Bambi are two rescue dogs saved from death. We are happy they’re still around


From Our twitter friend @thecalgee



This is Watson and we don’t know about you but we think he absolutely rocks that Fall Sweater.

From our twitter friend @NicoleSpector

Netta is tired of your questions.
Netta is tired of your questions.

Nicole had this to say about Netta.

“Netta is a ferocious seven-pound mutt (chihuahua-terrier-pterodactyl mix) who had to have most of her teeth removed! She is eight-years old, a stray found (by me on Christmas Eve) when she was just three months old. No matter the facts, I am certain she is my biological child. Horror fans may appreciate that she’s named after Netta Longdon, the evil heroine in Patrick Hamilton’s brilliant noir novel, Hangover Square.”

From our twiter friend @Circus_Macabre

He's sleeping. For now
He’s sleeping. For now

Jessica tells us that due to hectic work life she is unable to have a flesh and blood pet but assures us that Andrew keeps her very busy during October. Looking at these photos we’re inclined to believe her.

From our twitter friend @aj_macready

The majesty is unparalleled
The majesty is unparalleled
Don't let the sleepiness fool you. Dark times are ahead
Don’t let the sleepiness fool you. Dark times are ahead

This is Peanut and according to AJ

“He is fated to break the final seal of the Apocalypse. He does not know this but I believe he suspects.”

The picture of him with his paws outstretched makes us think that the end is night.

And finally from our very own Shawn

Bitch-Cat is having words with me for disturbing her box time.
Bitch-Cat is having words with me for disturbing her box time.
Lucy-Furr is wondering why the hell I keep taking pictures of her.
Lucy-Furr is wondering why the hell I keep taking pictures of her.
Hammy is getting set to go for a walk during one of our -35 days in the winter.
Hammy is getting set to go for a walk during one of our -35 days in the winter.

From top to bottom is Bitch-Cat, Lucy-Furr and Hammy. All three are rescues and my life would feel incomplete without them. The only photos my fiancee and I have of each other on our phones involves one of these little bastards also being in the photo.