Deadly Presence Movie Review


Deadly Presence is a 2013 Indy Horror movie from Masked Films. It stars Megan Lynn as Andie and Kathy Sue Holtorf as Candace. The film revolves around the mystery of The Night Giver and the concept of evil existing long after the physical body dies off. Deadly Presence was filmed on a micro budget but is pulled off masterfully by Director Shane Cole and crew.

I will state that I believe this to be a film for a more mature audience due in part to the slow burn effect of the story. Younger audiences might not have the patience to see it through to the end but it is entirely their loss.

Kathy Sue Holtorf does a very good job with her character and her ability to act distraught and traumatized always feels genuine without being campy.

Megan Lynn does an excellent job portraying a character faced with a bizarre request. Her growing obsession with the supernatural events surrounding her plays out slowly but effectively. There were moments where I felt I could predict the scares and was happy to be proven wrong. Shane Cole does a good job of creating tension and the wonderful musical score adds dimensions to the film.

The only real complaint I had with Deadly Presence was with the ending. I felt that it was slightly anti-climactic and seemed slightly rushed. Despite that, I still definitely recommend seeing this film. The characters are acted well and it does a great job of creating and maintaining tension throughout its runtime. The characters are well written and although their actions are sometimes questionnable, they always feel realistic. This is a great Indy horror film that proves a good story will triumph over a large budget every single time.

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