Renfield’s Re-Collection part 9. (No one thought it would last this long!)

Welcome back to all my members of my Grave Robber Union!

I really “dig” you cats and chicks coming back every week to join me in a little horror merch shopping. Like I really need more crap for my housekeeper/cryptkeeper to knock off the shelf and break, but hey, it gives her something to do and me a reason to go out and collect more crap.

Okay, speaking of collecting, first off I need to address something. I’ve been asked time and time again about the name of this section. It is pronounced “recollections” as if you were to say”…as far as I can recollect”. However, everyone knows that I have a fondness for a good “plague” on words, so since I feature items from our childhood and you are probably like myself and you are “re”-collecting these once again, that is the reason for the hyphen. Get it? Alright settle down. Everyone get back in their own seats. Class in horror collectable memorabilia is about to start again this week.

Deathrealm #1 Horror zine

Deathrealm #1

This is the grandfather to! Long before the old interweb that can contains the answer to every question in the universe (but instead we use it to look at porn and get into arguments with people that we don’t know) there was the publishing world of paper! However not every writer could get a book deal (insert personal cynical remark here) so in 1987 independent publisher Stephen Mark Rainey set out to give first time writers, poets, and artists in the horror community some coverage. The magazine only had 31 issues but won two awards from the Small Press Writer’s and Artist’s Association as well as the Small Press Genre’s Association. Today, these copies are still abundant and highly collectible. I can’t say that I don’t own a small handful myself.  For those of you that grew up on the books, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, these items are for you!

Usually sold for about $5 a piece.


Monster Ghost 7ft tall Mail Away

Monster Ghost

This was THE toy for all mail order monster kids! Clip the coupon, beg your parents for money, mail the shit out, and wait six weeks for…a balloon with Casper’s face on it? What the hell? The ad states that you control the ghost and can make him dance up to 50 feet away. Sure, anyone can do that when they tie a string to it. Mail order items were generally rip offs to get a dollar from little Jimmy and a dollar from little Tommy while adding up in the long run. Many were grounded in the horror genre, some got the attention of science dorks (Sea Monkeys), while some perverts like myself saved up for the xray glasses that were supposed to be able to see through clothes.

These really aren’t worth crap. What I would like to see is a framed collage of the ads!


Monster in My Pocket figures 1st Ed.

Monster in my pocket

What I love most about these things was the name! Every quick thinking pervert could come up with a smart ass line for this one. Fueled by the popular MPC monster figures of the 1960s and M.U.S.C.L.E. figures from only a few years before, Monster in My Pocket  came out in 1990 and spawned comics, games, toys, and trading cards. The smart bastards that created the board game thought of a marketing ploy that required you to have figurines in order to play the game. Of course something that is a colorful piece of plastic could not be without religious opposition. Despite having figures such as witches, behemoth, ghost, ghoul, and goblins, Hindu groups complained that the representation of Kali and other of their gods were represented as “monsters”.

$1-$2 a piece is a decent price for these.


The Mummy’s Tomb on Super 8 mm film.

Mummy's Tomb

Come sit around and let old Uncle Renfield tell you kids about Super 8! Yes, before DVDs, before VHS, before BETA there was Super 8. For those household that could afford a projector, films came on Super 8 mm or 16 mm and had to be threaded through the projector by hand and strung from reel to reel. They were silent of course, and when you were finished watching the Attack of the 50 ft Woman, you could watch your little sister’s birthday party that your dad recorded on the family’s camera that was the size of an Igloo cooler.

Films in the box can go for about $20 a piece.


 Don Post Cyclops Mask

Cyclops mask

This is one of the cooler things I’ve seen this week! Don Post was a mask maker that speciailized in semi professional Halloween masks which appropriately earned him the name “The Godfather of Halloween”. His masks were so popular, that the altered William Shatner mask that Michael Myers wears in Halloween was actually a Don Post! This one in particular is based on the character of the Cyclops from the 1958 movie The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad.  This character was thought to be so cool that the Misfits used it as their mascot for their Cyclopean Music distribution company.

I’d give $100 for this mask easily!

Well I hope you enjoyed this hellish version of Pawn Stars as much as I enjoyed searching out the items from the dark side of the ‘ole interweb for ya!  Come back next week as I carve out more things to thin your pocket books while I stretch out your knowledge of horror merch.  Until then, keep watching the skies…everything you know is a lie!


Until you call on the dark,

Renfield Rasputin

Shiekfest Finalist

Renfield Rasputin’s highest honor is being a finalist in the screenplay competition at 2014 Shriekfest Film Festival.  Until then it was when his team won a dodgeball game in third grade.

Renfield’s Re-Collections part 8

Alright all you little tombstone trash rejects, listen up!  After 6 hours in surgery, the insertion of two cadaver bones, six screws, two plates and one overdose in postop, I’m back! That’s right, the boogeyman always returns in part 2! It’s good to be back with you freaks and creeps. I want to send a shout out to all… three people that sent warm wishes to me while I was in the hospital. (Insert cricket chirps here.) I also want to ask, who in the hell was the person that cut the nurse call button, forged the order for a Drain-O enema, and hired “Mongo the stripping clown” to visit me post-op? Asshole.

As always, if I don’t give my speech before I start someone will get pissed and write another “you suck” letter and I will probably be forced to give a long, drawn out, “Fuck you!” So that I don’t have to do that again…(sigh)

“The following items listed below are the property of individual sellers and are of no relation to the great and magnificent (and ever so charming) Renfield Rasputin or .  Also, they do not profit off of the sale of said items or receive any compensation from the seller for the mention of the item.”

Happy now? Good. Now settle down.


Uncle Fester Remco 5” figure 1964

Uncle Fester

Charles Addams was a cartoonist for The New Yorker magazine in the late 1930s when he created the loveable Addams Family. Uncle Fester was a pudgy, bald, individual with bug eyes that found every day jobs easier to do when they involve dynamite (fishing trips especially). Unfortunately the mold for the face of this Uncle Fester looks a little more like it was the precursor to “Billy” from Saw. Remco was a toy company that for two decades held the chains for making horror character toys.  In the 1960s it was not uncommon to find your favorite characters in hard plastic (which was considered a cool medium in those days). This toy was like all the others, it did nothing, said nothing, and just stood there. Thank Goth for Bobble Heads. 

A rare find, one in good shape can chase $150-$200.


Barnabus Collins Cane and Ring Set

Barnabus Collins caneBarnabus Collins Ring

America’s favorite vampire started haunting Dark Shadows television show during the second season. Carrying a wolf head cane and brandishing a onyx ring, neither of which had a distinctive origin, he posed as a long lost family member to the Collins family. Adding to his distinguished appearance, the items carried over to Johnny Depp’s version of the character on the movie remake. These are cheap replicas and not actually licensed by the Addams Family. 

An actual licensed cane can run $50-$75 while a licensed ring with real Onyx and 14k gold can go up to $250.  For an unlicensed set, I wouldn’t pay more than $30.


1980 Topps Creature Feature Wax Packs

Topps Creature

in the 1980s and most of the 1990s Topps dominated the baseball card world and often ventured into other genres such as movie stills (pertaining to kids such as Indiana Jones and Goonies) as well as classic horror film characters. 12 photos, 1 sticker, (88 cards and 22 stickers total) and a piece of gum that tasted oddly like my baseball glove. Released in the 80s, they featured monsters ranging from Metaluna to the Mole People and had terrible jokes captioned beneath each picture (example: Metaluna has a caption that says “I’m the brains of the family”) One can find loose cards as well as the complete set on ebay. Side note- the set is in no way connected to the “Creature Feature” that was hosted by Bob Wilkens.

An unopened pack can go for $2, while $30 is fair for the complete set.


Chilling Thrilling Sounds from the Haunted House Vinyl from Disneyland Records

Disney Haunted

One of my prize possessions that I have asked to be buried with is my near mint copy from 1979! Released in three prints (1964, 1973, 1979) this record was not intended for young children and should have come with a warning label. (For those of you too young, a record was a vinyl disc that spun on a “record player” at 33 ½ rpms…Never mind. Just Google it.) Side A consisted of short scary stories while Side B played scary sound effects.  While several covers exist, the 1979 is the most popular with artistic work of the Disney Haunted Mansion.

Near good condition to near mint goes for $10-$20.


Monster Cereal Promo Watch by the Lafayette Watch Co.

Monster cerealMonster cereal 2

Fuck yeah! Monster Cereals rule, and I stock the hell up on these every October when they come out. Now I have to admit, I have been collecting horror memorabilia for a long time but even this one stumped me. However I have gathered some of the back story after having to do research on “vintage Lafayette watches”.  First off, Lafayette Watch Co, was a Swedish watch maker (so that jumps up the price right there) in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s (another price increase). They specialized in “advertising watches” which meant they profited from companies paying them to make their logos into watches. General Mills, in this case, used Frankenberry, Count Chocula, and BooBerry as each of the clocks arms. The cool part about this one is what happens to the watch’s face. The haunted castle will disappear and reappear depending on the AM or PM hours!

I have only found two of these watches online and they ranged from $500 -$1000!


Well that is all the cool trinkets that I’ve dug up for this week. I’ve got three screenplays to finish writing, four short stories, three songs to record, a film editing program to upload and figure out how to work, a graphics program to do the same to, and a partridge in a pear tree. On top of all that, stick around as Dusty and I put the last few things together for a Horror-Writers podcast. Much more wicked things to come my little grave secrets!

Until you call on the dark,

Renfield Rasputin

  Neck Xray

Renfield Rasputin works at break neck speed! (Break neck? Get it? See what I did right there?)

Renfield’s Re-Collections part 7 (Revenge of the Gothbilly)

Well it looks like I have to watch what I say and do because halfway around the world someone will get pissed and send me a cease and desist note, (not to mention that they will tattle to the social media giant that they found you on – insert spooky wiggling fingers here). I won’t go into any more detail of the event because I don’t want to be sued and have the Folger’s coffee can that is Horror-Writer’s bank broken. (Turns the Folger’s can upside down, nothing falls out.)

Since I’m still bitter about this and in the mood to be an asshole, I think the items I speak about this week will be ones that have been recalled for legal reasons. Certain ones were either cease and desist, or all out sued over. Remember that this makes them a rare find! Every other one might be worth a small fortune to the right buyer. Whatever the cost may be!

You can’t please everyone, and most of those people read my articles. Oh well, my lackadaisical attitude is kicking in and I’m becoming immune to the bullshit.  Usually this is what gets me in trouble.

Going forward I do want to stop and thank all the HW fans that spoke up and said really nice things to support us. (Thanks C.L.!)Remember that we do all this for you as we stand to make no profit off of it. Every writer here spends their free time de(ad)icating to this site and that is what keeps it going! Every article is carefully treated as their baby with time consuming edits and rewrites. Now that you know that, we hope you appreciate everything. Each time you read an article, drop that writer a quick tweet or follow on Twitter and tell them thank you (or if you are like my readers, that they suck). Remember that kindness goes a long way!

Once again the lawyers are making me say (sighs)…Neither myself nor Horror-Writers endorses the following listings and have no financial gain (unfortunately) associated with the sale of the items featured in this article. So don’t freakin’ sue us!


 F13 poster

Friday the 13th part 8 Advanced Poster – Recalled D/T Cease and Desist from the city of NY 1989

First up on the chopping block is the Friday the 13th part 8 (Jason Takes Manhattan) poster. Apparently no one asked the city of New York if they could borrow the “I heart NY” logo when they created this design. The design was replaced with a menacing Jason appearing over the NY skyline “KIlroy wuz here style”. The posters were recalled and destroyed but a few still remain hanging around if you can get your hands on them. Remember that this at the end of the 1980’s so posters were starting to become 40 x 27 as opposed to 41 x 27. This particular one is the former.

One of these without pin holes and creases can go for about $40. (Which is a steal if you are a F13 fan.)


 Twilight of the Dead


Twilight of the Dead Poster – Recalled D/T Cease and Desist from George Romero 1980

Yep, good ‘ole George Romero was trying to protect his “…Of the Dead” series and forced the filmmaker to change the name of this movie to what we know it as today,  “The Gates of Hell” after sending them a cease and desist. Too much “Dawn” imaging? Too much of the same font? How about too much “Of the Dead”?  I don’t really care. You be the judge. You know my rules about posters and their sizes, quality, fold lines, etc by now.

$135 and up if you can find one. Good luck with that. Let me know how that works out for you. On second thought, no don’t. I don’t really care.

the omen 


The Omen advance poster – Recalled due to pressure from Catholic Church 1976

I’m not bashing the Catholic Church here; I’m just stating the facts! The inverted cross that little Damien Thorn casts in his shadow was not seen as “Kosher”. Wait, no that’s the wrong religion. Oh, Blasphemous! That’s it. As always, they were recalled and destroyed whKing Diamondile a few leaked out. Later the cross inversion was replaced with the shadow of a wolf. I’m sure King Diamond is blowing their minds right about now. (Shall we talk about Gene Simmons suing King over the face paint in the middle 1990’s?)

I’ve seen these go easily for $300 and up.


Fresh Prince 


A Nightmare on My Street, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince Single – Suit settled out of court

New Line Cinema sued the newly Fresh Prince when he released this song. Will Smith agreed to put this sticker on the cover “[This song] is not part of the soundtrack…and is not authorized, licensed, or affiliated with the Nightmare on Elm Street films.” In the song he refers to Freddy as “Fred” and then goes on to describe his sweater, hat, and glove. Not to mention that he also rips the theme off as a hook throughout.

Pay whatever you want. Just don’t admit that you own this crap.


Sleepaway Camp


Sleepaway Camp Survival Kit Boxed DVD Set – Recalled Due to Cease and Desist by American Red Cross

Well as soon as the American Red Cross got a hold of these, they were gone for obvious reasons. I’m sure it sounded something like this in the meeting.

“And next up, we need to address the issue of…this.”

Hal reaches for the boxed set. “Well what’s wrong with an instructional DVD Hal?”

“Probably nothing if the instructional DVD taught decapitation, abdominal goring, and boob groping and didn’t have our logo on it, Frank! That’s a splatter gore horror movie.”

“What? We can’t have our logo on films about decapitations, and abdominal stabbings!”

“And boob groping, Frank.” Hal adds.

“Woah, slow down there Hal! Let’s not be picky. Who are we to judge?”

$40-$50 for the set.



With that, the court will recess until next week. I guess I will go and play Judas Priest’s Stained Class record backwards, (you can look up that joke below)

while snuggling up to a good John Grisham novel, (you can look up that joke below)

and sip a cold Star Bock beer, (you can look up that joke below)


Until then, remember what I always say, come on everyone and say it with me…

Screw you to you and you know who you are!

Renfield Rasputin

Renfield’s Re-Collections part VI, Renfield Lives!

Well it has been too long my lovingly ghoulunatics. I’ve had a slight case of problems here and setbacks there but now I’m back and shopping for a bunch of crap that no one needs but everyone has to have. So sit up in your caskets and pay attention as I speak of the history to some of the most screwed up horror collectibles that the internet has to offer. 

At the request of my lawyers I have to say again, (sigh)…that neither I nor Horror Writers are making a damn dime off of any of the listings and we are not affiliated with eBay or any of the sellers that are mentioned in the article. There, happy now?


Epoch Handheld Electronic Dracula Game 1982

 Epocl Dracula

 Before we had first person shooter games, before you could play online with your friends, we had games were the player appeared onscreen as a blinking dot! Eat your heart out, Call of Duty! In 1982 Epoch (long since out of business…I can’t imagine why) released a series of handheld games to compete with Atari who at the time only offered home gaming systems. Basically you play a (blinking stick figure) treasure hunter trying to brave a maze of coffins to steal Dracula’s gold.  Fixed on a LCD screen you will be chased around the maze (much like Pac Man) by a green dinosaur that supposed to be a werewolf (what do you mean? It looks just like it!) red bats (much like Pac Man) without being captured. I’ve searched around and found that it retailed in the lower $40 range in 1982. I calculated the price on an online inflation calculator and it basically puts the retail price at around $103 today. Overall the game was lame, but the collectability on this bad boy is high! I wouldn’t pay more than $30 for a working version, and I’d use a nonworking version as a paperweight.


Groovie Goolies Coloring Book

 Groovie Goolies

The Groovie Goolies (not to be confused with the Sacramento punk band, Groovy Ghoulies) was a Saturday morning cartoon that ran for 16 episodes starting in 1970.  Now I’m not that freaking old but I do remember the Groovie Goolies on reruns. The cast consisted of a farce of the usual horror icons (Drac, Wolfie,Bella La Ghostly, Boneapart) and their horrific wacky adventures between their musical performances (think Josie and the Pussycats only portrayed by cartoonish monsters). They even had a laugh track built into the cartoon which in all fairness was a staple back then. Packed with the expected monster jokes and morbid puns children could wake up, eat a bowl or two of Count Chocula cereal and watch the Groovie Goolies every Saturday morning. That sounds like a great day to me! If this doesn’t take you back I mean, who cannot watch three dancing and singing tombstones?

A nonused coloring book like this can go for whatever your heart desires it to go for.


Milton the Monster Board Game 1966


Unlike the real Frankenstein, this loveable monster was created from oil of this and tincture of that, rather than body parts. Leave it to Hanna Barbara to fuck shit up for kids. Anyway, Milton was a badass. He was created in a haunted house on Horror Hill and together with Heebie and Jeebie (talking skull that sounded like Peter Lorre with a sinus infection, and a Cyclops with a serious need for Invisalign) Milton would carry on daily activities that kids could relate to such as going to school, swimming, and even making new friends with the likes of Zelda and Abercrombie the Zombie.  Now for the game. The point?  Spin and move to be the first monster to the finish (games were not as sophisticated in the 60’s). If this sounds familiar, it was. Think Candy Land, Life, Chutes and Ladders, etc. You have to love vintage monsters parodies where the monsters were loveable and not dangerous. Why didn’t someone make a television show like that?

A game in good condition with all the pieces can go for $40-50.


Vintage Godzilla Toy by Shogun Warriors licensed TOHO  1977


Oh no! There goes Tokyo, go go Godzilla! Sorry but I had to. If you didn’t catch that, Google “Blue Oyster Cult, Godzilla”. While you are there, look up “More Cowbell”. That is some great stuff! Anyway, for clarification, TOHO owned the license for all Godzilla characters, however it was Shogun Warriors (a division of Mattel) that made this particular toy in the late 1970s.  This toy featured rollers on the bottom of the feet, a rolled out tongue with flames printed on it (cheesy now but cool then), and his right hand could shoot out. I don’t understand the shooting hand thing because I’ve seen many a Godzilla monster movie and don’t ever remember the Lizard King losing a hand on purpose in a fight but I know this was a staple of Shogun Warrior toys and for that,  they had to answer to a lot of parent safety groups. (Parent consumer groups fucking shit up yet again.) Standing a whopping 18” tall, this toy is a hot item at conventions and online.

This item will go for over $100 easily. I would cap out at about $150 unless it comes still packaged (yeah, good luck finding that!).


Vintage BEETLEJUICE Pop Up Snake Halloween Mask By Kenner NIB


 Okay, we’re going to add a new section this week. It will be called “What the fuck is this shit?” I mean, I know what it is but, what the fuck is this shit? I’ll tell you what it is. Marketing gone too far! Beetlejuice looks like a drag queen corpse in the middle of a private moment. Typically I have the power to speak on this but I’m not going to because I don’t want to enable dipshits. So I’m going to leave you with this…

Don’t fucking buy stupid shit like this! And if you do, don’t admit it to anyone!



Coffin Nails, +100 years old

 coffin nails

 Coffin nails have always served a purpose in Voodoo, Wiccan, and other “pagan” religious ceremonies. It is not certain if they have to be used or not. Also, keep in mind when buying that the same finishing nail that was used in building coffins, was also used in furniture and crates. But you should be aware of what an actual “coffin” nail looks like so you won’t be fooled by charlatans. Remember that you are dealing with antiquated times here. Notice that the head of these nails is flat and rectangular as well as the shank (the long part) as opposed to the rounded head and shank of today. The rounded head did not come about until roughly the 1900s. Now that is not to say that you cannot replicate by means of a cast, a rectangular nail, but these are easily identified by looking at the shank. It will have a rough textured surface from the mold and a real nail will have a dimpled, almost pitted surface. Remember, rust can be faked as well. Old rust doesn’t come off as easily on your hands as well as new rust does. Trust a grave robber on this one.

There is no actual value to these no more than finding a regular nail on the street. Unless it is in your tire, then it is worth a “Goth d#*! Sonovab!#@* Muthaf(@*$ker!”  Say it loud, say it proud!


Well that is the final nail in the coffin for me. I’m going to have to sell some crap, to make room for more crap, so that I have crap for my maid to break, and I can yell “CRAP” at the top of my lungs.

Stop over and read some of the other features in, read my past postings and stories,  and be sure to see Dusty’s TV and movie trailer reviews. Be sure to check out our new Coconspirator, Christian Maynard, and his movie reviews. 

Until next time, keep on rottin’ in the free world!

Renfield Rasputin

 RR2 cropped

Renfield Rasputin has seen the entire Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv video and could only think one thing… “Vote for Pedro”.  (Look it up)

Renfield’s Re-Collections part 5 (Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Surf The Web!)

Hell-come to another chapter in Renfield’s Re-Collections. The only site on the ‘ole interweb that gives you an education at the same time as providing you with the coolest horror collectibles that would make you wanna slap yo momma! You crazy young kids just can’t get enough of this crap can you? I understand, it’s just like how I can’t get enough crap in my horror collectible collection. Well this week I’m coming back at ya at full Gothspeed! So crank up the Rot ‘N Roll music that your parents love hate and fasten your seat belts for this trip down this memory from hell! I’ve been in the shopping mood as of late and I’ve listed a few extra items for ya this week.

As always, nor I have anything to do with the sellers of these items nor do we make any money off of the sale or profit of these items. Unfortunately.

Psychomania on VHS

Psychomania VHS

First off, it was released in 1973, not 1971. Secondly it was released in the US under the title of “The Death Riders”. This fucked up British B-movie is about a satanic youth biker gang (called the Living Dead) on some pieces of shit bikes that look like the Honda Rebel and a Triumph had a bastard baby, that commits suicide so that they can come back to life (no zombie make up here) because they find the power of Satan through a mystical pet frog. (I said it was fucked up!) I remember walking into the living room when I was about five and caught a glimpse of this flick as my grandparents (of all people) were watching it. I guess I walked in at the wrong time (or right time depending on how you take it) and saw the image of one of the bikers committing suicide by taking a swan dive off a freeway overpass.  That screwed me up for weeks. The music was cheesy, (it was 1973), and the cinematography is…well it was 1973. But the thing that will stick with you is the badass skull helmets! It’s dumb fun and I’ve seen worse…But still, a fucking frog?  

Don’t spend more than $5 on a copy, I don’t care if it is comes with a magical frog!


Return of the Living Dead TarMan Figure


Was this the first time we heard a zombie actually say something other than “ZZZAAAHHHGGHTTTHH!” I remember seeing this thing come out of the barrel and scream “BRRRAAAAIIIINNNSSS” and “MOOORRRE BRRRAAAAIIIINNNSSS” I was out the door! This is a rare figure, (not exactly museum rare) and was released only a couple of years ago so it isn’t exactly vintage. But you have to admit that it is cooler than hell! Amok Time made toys that were focused on the adult crowd and not intended for anyone under 18. This item comes with Trioxin container and bitten brain; it has a beautiful diorama for display (if it were to be opened).  Send more paramedics!

A going price is $30 for a mint, carded figure.

Tales from the Crypt Animated Crypt Keeper


Damn, I really wanted one of these back in the late 90’s! I think I might put an offer down so if I find out that any of you dear readers outbid me…Clap and the old bastard shakes in his electric chair while laughing maniacally as the Tesla coils mounted above him light up. This toy was released around the time to celebrate the rerelease of Tales from the Crypt on video. Crypt Keeper shit was everywhere back then. Another toy released by the same maker at the time was a Crypt Keeper Candelabra, but the electric light bulb was a bitch to replace when it went out. This toy was not as popular but it held up longer. If you can find one grab it, because everyone needs a toy that electrocutes an old man chained to a chair.

I’ve seen most of these go for about $25-$30. This one comes with the original box so I would set the price higher.


Friday the 13th Jason and Victim Spitballs 1989 Entertech

F13 spitballs

So I was looking through my collection of stuff the other day and found these. I decided to include them in this Re-Collection because these are just too damn cool! And yes, I did get mine from Kmart as well! I haven’t seen many of these at all since then so they are a hard find. Here’s the deal. Slasher movies are at the top of their game at the time, and everyone from Nintendo to Mattel is trying to cash in on the merchandising. Enter Entertech. A now defunct electric water gun company who wanted a piece of the action, so they acquire the rights to not only Friday the 13th but Nightmare on Elm Street so that they can make Jason and Victim, as well as Freddy and Victim squirting water balls.  Just squeeze ole hockey head while under water and fill, and then squeeze him again to watch him spit water up to 18ft! (I never really measured but I’ll say it was probably true.) I loved the packaging. Here it was in 1989 and the main picture is Jason from part 3 (1982) and the back picture is Zombie Jason from part 7 (1988). Not only was that, but the “blood” across the face of the victim painted in pink rather than red. (Thanks, American Family Association for screwing something else up.)

I would suggest not paying more than $30 for a mint carded find, and $15 for loose.

Vintage Freddy Krueger Glove 1984


I have owned several replicas of “the glove” over the years but this is the first and the original still on the card! Many knock-offs have been made over the years but this one actually has the trademark stamped under the metacarpal shield. Again the parent groups had to over emphasize twice, two different ways that the blades were not sharp (see green sticker) as if it wasn’t obvious by the cheap and not-so-shiny plastic color of the blades. It is deemed “horribly” authentic but yet the ball at the end of the cinch wasn’t painted red (said in the most sardonic “gotcha” voice). That same year the first Freddy mask came out made of latex with a foam hat. Only problem was…no one made the sweater at this point. I get that someone would want to be Freddy for Halloween, but did they anyone actually think that they were really just going as a child molesting killer?  Your therapist called…he needs you to come in ASAP. 


My Pet Monster Plush Toy

My Pet Monster

Thank Goth I was too old for this shit when it came out. I thought it was a good idea that they were releasing monster plushes rather than stupid animals for kids to carry around but even still, I would have preferred something like a werewolf or creature to carry around. I mean, if you are going to look like you have problems, make it respectable.  This thing was released in 1986 by American Greetings Co. and was targeted to boys as well as girls, but you know who bought it mostly. I thought that the thing looked like a rejected Muppet if you ask me! Complete with handcuffs,…(WTF?) the maker found a way of putting the creature in every household by simultaneously running an animated series on Saturday mornings. The toy was popular for awhile but then retired, only to find it rejuvenated as a talking version 20 years later.  Mattel tried to release a competitive version but it was quickly discontinued. Apparently no one wanted to play with a plush Herpes Simplex virus.


Renfield Rasputin knows that he’s a horror celeb when Wednesday 13 impersonates him in his “Get Your Grave On” video.