Exit Humanity Movie Review


Exit Humanity is a 2011 Zombie Western written and directed by John Geddes and starring Mark Gibson and Adam Seybold. This film was an absolute pleasure to watch.

It has been a very long time since I’ve seen a movie that took the time to develop its characters the way that this one does. Granted, there are times when this movie could have jumped right off the rails and gone straight to pure camp, but Mark Gibson’s performance as Edward Young was absolutely fantastic. He ably carries the film from its opening moments right until the end. The journey that Edward Young goes on, both physically and emotionally is at times difficult to watch, but always compelling. His character transformation from the beginning until the end was very well handled.

The score, composed by Jeff Graville, Nate Kreiswirth and Ben Nudds was also another pleasant surprise to this film. All of the music perfectly fits their accompanying scenes and is definitely worthy of its own release on cd/vinyl/itunes.


This movie is told through the journal of Edward Young, passed down through generations and read by one of his ancestors (Brian Cox). There are several chapters that mark the journey and all of them are paced perfectly. In chapter two is when we are introduced to Isaac (Adam Seybold) who is on a journey to rescue his sister Emma (Jordan Hayes) from the insane General Williams (Bill Moseley).

This film was fantastic and is very highly recommended.