Girls And Monsters By Anne Michaud Book Review

Girls and Monsters is a collection of short stories by author Anne Michaud.

Girls and Monsters opens up with Death Song which is about a killer Mermaid. As an avid reader, I can’t say that Mermaids are something I’ve read a lot about before. This was a strong opening story because it shows versatility and creativity early and keeps you wanting to read more. I feel that the ending of this one wasn’t as strong as it could have been, but overall it’s a very effective and original story that leaves you wanting more.

Black Dog is up next and this was my favorite of the collection. Anne weaves a wonderfully dramatic tale about a girl being hunted by a black dog everywhere she goes. Whether or not the dog actually exists is left up for debate, but it is written in such a way that no matter what you feel is going on you would be able to debate it for hours without being factually incorrect.

The other three stories in the collection are A Blue Story which will absolutely make you think differently about your neighbors, We Left At Night which is probably the last zombie story I’ll read for a very long time due to how effectively it’s done and Dust Bunnies which is perfect for anybody with a fear of spiders.

This collection contains five very well written short stories and it’s a relatively quick read. It’s a perfect rainy day or sleepless night type of short story collection and is something that you’ll read more than once. Definitely worth picking up.