An Interview with Jackie Sonnenberg

*How long have you been writing for?*

Since I was literate! It got me at an early enough age where I was learning to read and write. Soon I was that kid that did more  reading and writing on my own time for fun outside of school work.

*How many rejections did you receive before you first became published
and how did you stay motivated?*

Oh, geez. I think every writer can say they’ve had their share of rejections…it is just like a rite of passage! It happens to everybody and it is important to know that the right place for your work is out there, and even if you don’t find a home for it right now, that doesn’t mean you never will.

*Favorite Author and book when you were a child?*

I read the Goosebumps series, Babysitters Club and Animorphs as favorite series. Other than that, I had a wide range of both kid books and adult books. I would read anything.


*Favorite quote from a book that is not your own?*

“Only artists know how to use their eyes” – The Plague by Albert Camus. I don’t remember the book at all, but this line stuck.

*Favorite quote from one of your own works?*

Is it wrong that I would have to look for one?

*Do you play any table top RPGS?*

Oh yeah. D&D ( Dungeons and Dragons) was my college pastime!

*If so, tell us about your favorite character that you’ve used.*

I did a Druid Master of Many forms. I was my own Animorph!!! I totally did that on purpose.

*Advice for new writers who are struggling with character creation?*

The meat and potatoes of all novels is conflict. What is your character going though? Figure out what makes them tick, what troubles they are having, and what changes they go though.

*E-Reader or Physical copy?*

I like actual books. A book is not an iPod! I tried reading off one once and it gave me a headache. I couldn’t do it!

*Favorite genre to read?*

Thriller/Horror/ Fantasy. I like stories that keep you guessing and worm their way into the back of your mind!

*What first inspired you to become a writer?*

Reading a kid’s book as a little kid, which was simple and juat had pictures and sentences and no story and thinking how dumb it was that a grown-up wrote it. I thought I could do better!

*Tell us your favorite joke.*

Anything unrelated to elephants is irrelephant .