Book Review: What Lies Within by Clare de Lune

The simple version: What Lies Within is a dark, gory family drama about serial killers. I mean this in the most loving way possible, this was fun to read and dissect. Those are words I never thought I’d write about a book but here we are and boy am I happy about it.

What Lies Within is the story of Sophia, proud owner of a cosmetics company that just happens to also be a serial killer. Her relationship with her accomplice is failing and she’s looking for a replacement. This realization sets us on our journey and it grows more and more twisted with each succeeding chapter.

At times it can feel a little disjointed and I wasn’t able to really grow fond of the characters until around halfway through but I recommend sticking it out. The payoff is worth it and even when I was more or less apathetic to the characters the story kept me entertained. It’s a solid novel and I recommend picking it up.