The Cloisters – Kathy Hays

My attention was immediately caught by this book at the mention of tarot with the ability to tell the future. It didn’t end up being quite what I expected, as this bit of the blurb had me expecting there to be a supernatural twist to the book, but it did not disappoint at all despite the fact that this didn’t end up being the case. Though there was no real hint of the supernatural as I had expected, this book ended up being so good in a very different way.

Ann leaves her small town to start a job at the Met, however is taken by surprise when she arrives just to find out her position no longer exists. However, she is taken in by Patrick, who works at the Cloister. Here she meets Rachel, who she works directly alongside, and Leo who works as a gardener. She and Rachel become close friends, and Leo intrigues her from the start.

Their work becomes even more interesting when a mysterious deck of tarot cards is found, and Patrick believes they are an extremely old set that would be significant to their research. However, despite this belief the cards are determined as otherwise, though Patrick can’t let his obsession go and continues to dig further into them. Then Ann discovers something very important about the tarot cards, someone at the Cloisters is murdered, and further mystery ensues.

This book ended up having a lot of unexpected intrigue and I was very wrapped up in the plot by a few chapters in. Though I didn’t feel too much attachment to the characters, it still was an overall very interesting read and I really ended up enjoying it. I highly recommend this book to anyone has any kind of interest in tarot cards and mysteries as this book won’t disappoint.