1BR – Movie Review

Sarah (Played by Nicole Brydon Bloom in a great performance) moves to Los Angeles and gets a good deal on a 1 bedroom apartment. The description of this movie on Shudder is pretty vague so from hereon out there may be some spoilers.

Sarah is an aspiring designer who moved to Los Angeles with the hopes of starting in a program and takes an office job in the interim until she can begin. Sarah is shy, passive and avoids confrontation by refusing to stick up for herself. Like most of us, she does not like her office job. Soon, she becomes entangled with “The Community”, a cult that thrives on people finding their true purpose.

She soon learns that The Community is so much more than it’s appearing to be and that her new idyllic 1 bedroom apartment comes with a tradeoff. Captured and held in a room, she’s forced to perform tasks designed to break down her will and her resistance. The movie shines in its sadism here. Sarah is tortured repeatedly with everything from sleep deprivation to having her hand nailed to a wall. The community seems to believe she’s making progress and she’s given greater responsibility and welcomed among them.

Taylor Nichols gives a great performance as Jerry, the charismatic leader of The Community. He is both menacing and welcoming in equal measure.

Pacing is excellent and the movie never drags. It’s well acted and directed and I would love to get my hands on a script because I enjoyed the writing. Ronen Landa provides an excellent score that does a great job adding to the atmosphere in the movie.

Overally, I highly recommend this movie. It’s available on Shudder (here in Canada) and Amazon Prime in the USA.