Movie Review: Everlasting

This movie was very, very good.

Now that I’ve captured you with an enticing introduction, let me tell you why it was good:
The cinematography and the directing is some of the best I’ve ever seen in an indie film. This is an absolutely beautiful film and the performances from leads Adam David and Valentina De Angelis will simultaneously break your heart and leave you shaking with anger.

Few movies have been able to shake me from early on and keep me soaked in dread for the entire run time but Everlasting pulled this off masterfully. Not only did it keep me engrossed as I was watching it but I found myself thinking about it for days afterwards. The supporting cast give excellent performances from top to bottom and the score does a great job of accenting every scene perfectly and never overpowering it.

When I do my Best of 2016 list at the end of the year, I can promise you that not only will this movie be on it, it’ll be very high on that list.

Watch the Trailer below