The NoSleep Podcast

This podcast is a multi-award-winning compilation of original horror stories, with rich atmospheric music to elevate the frightening tales.

It all began when someone suggested doing a podcast where some of the top stories from NoSleep would be narrated in the form of an audiobook each episode. The feedback was very clear and positive and over the next few months a small group of members endeavored to put together what would come to be known as The NoSleep Podcast and on June 13th, 2011 Episode 1 was released.

This podcast took on David Cummings as the host and producer while the amazing Cincinnati Swoosh, (aka Brandon Boone) is responsible for all of the shows music from season 5 onwards. His work can be found on his website. The music for NoSleep can be found on his Bandcamp and on Patreon.

The podcast has been very approved of from the introduction of this podcast. The number of regular listeners has grown steadily through listeners telling their friends and so on.

This podcast is currently near the end of it’s eighth season and there are 25 episodes per season with the free version being a bit more than an hour and the season pass episodes being 2 hours or more.


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