31 Days of Horror Day 16: The Conjuring

Conjuring - Poster

I almost gave up on this movie within the first 10 minutes.  You remember those 10 minutes, don’t you?  It was the Warrens recapping a case they had involving a possessed doll.  The people were able to tell it was possessed even though it totally looked like a normal doll.  Not even a little bit evil.  The keen eye on these people, man.

"Everything's cool, man. I'm not evil."
“Everything’s cool, man. Totally not evil.”

I get it, James Wan.  Dolls and old people scare you.  They scare you a lot.  However, putting a creepy looking doll on screen and having its head move a little bit isn’t overly impressive.  There’s no trick to doing something like that.  No originality.  At this point, I’ve gotten so sick of creepy dolls that I don’t even get scared by them anymore.  Same goes for clowns.  It’s all overblown.  If you want to try to scare me, put some effort into it.

Getting warmer.
Getting warmer…

After that first 10 minutes they settled into the main story, and I really liked it.  A few of the good scares were ruined for me (stupid trailers), but there were still a handful of other moments that made me jump.  And not the kind of jump where I was mad at myself for falling for a cheap gag, either: real, legitimate jumps that made me gives James Wan an imaginary fist-bump (but not literally, of course.  That would be crazy.  I’m not crazy.  You’re the one that’s crazy).  This is a well done movie with a lot to love about it.

Including the hair. Look at the hair. LOOK AT IT!
Including the hair. Look at the hair. LOOK AT IT!

There are still some flaws throughout the movie (including some scary old people that Wan threw in there “just because”), but it’s pretty creepy throughout.  It’s another cold, rainy day outside.  Open the windows, make yourself some hot cider, wrap a blanket around yourself and throw this on.

Added note: I thought this was much better than Insidious.  It’s not even close, really.

Annabelle…Its not the doll you need to worry about.


Warning!!! This review contains spoilers.

I’ve just enjoyed about a third of a bottle of 1835 brand whiskey so let’s cut to the chase. I for one like the movie. I’m sure a lot of people out there will say that this movie was nothing more than just a money grab for anyone who enjoyed the Conjuring; however there is a little bit of truth to the story so for that reason I’m going to go watch it and I’m glad I did. Let’s start by saying exactly why it was that this movie has potential.

For starters the doll (who is actully NOT Annabelle) is not the point of the movie. The doll serves to objectify evil only for the supernatural occurrences that are contained therein.

A little background; the movie is based in the late 60s when Charles Manson and his family have set L.A. on its side and that sets the premise for the rest of the movie for people  to fear the anti hippie movement that cults were known for at the time. I think that is enough terrifying.

I enjoyed the writing. Everything has a purpose and a reason for its being in the movie. Unfortunately that leads to predictability. But if you are enjoying the story, who cares? I felt that the writer covered his ass and left no frayed ends to the script. Kudos!

Here us what many are going to have a problem with. People such as Mrs. Rasputin were waiting for the doll to turn into something creepy and get up and do something.  Nope, not in this movie!  I enjoy the fact that none of this ever happens. When I tried to rationalize with Mrs. Rasputin that we did not go to see another  “Child’s Play”  and we are programmed to watch horror movies and think that the doll is going to do something.  I can appreciate the fact that it doesn’t mimic another horror movie.



The actual “Annabelle” doll. Property of Ed and Lorraine Warren.

I do have to say that if you have children or have younger children close to you, it will disturb you more than if you don’t. The writer/directors place the star’s baby in the danger position and most if the emotions the viewer will have will be to fear for the child. If you don’t have kids, this probably won’t affect you as much. However the movie does rely on a lot of scares and being that most of the movie is a cross between Child’s Play and the Conjuring, one is probably getting weary of all the supernatural movies that have been the trend for the last few years. I am just glad that this is not another found footage movie. For other people I’m sure that they will be thankful that there is no evidence of a sequel in the making.

You know what I say, do t take my word for it, opinions are like assholes…everyone has one and most are full of shit. I dug it but Mrs Rasputin hated it. If this made sense, score! If not, I blame the whiskey.