Still/Born – Flash Review

Still/Born is a 2017 movie directed by Brandon Christensen and starring Christie Burke and Jessie Moss.

What’s it about?:
A woman gives birth to twins but one of them is stillborn. She develops severe postpartum depression and begins to find sinister things happening when her husband goes on a business trip.

Is it good?:
It is very good. Christie Burke is absolutely wonderful in this and owns every single scene she’s in. When her character starts to fracture and begins seeing things, she makes you feel empathy for her.

From the silent opening scene right through to the end, everything is tastefully shot and gives off a great sense of dread. It never once relies on cheap jump scares to unnerve you.

Did you enjoy it:
Very much so. I know it’s a 2017 movie but it’s probably in my top three for movies that I watched this year.

Do you recommend it?:
I do. Go. Watch it now. It’s streaming on Shudder

Final thoughts:
A great movie that’s heavy on dread and emotion. It has a killer score and Christie Burke demands your attention every time she’s on the screen.