Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022): He’s A Libra Moon And That Says A Lot!

The following may contains spoilers for Bodies Bodies Bodies. 

Alright sports fans, I have officially abandoned the 31 Days of Musicals in favour of enjoying my life. So, lets get right into an absolute banger of a movie: Bodies Bodies Bodies from the fine folks at A24. A classic tale about the worst people on earth being the absolute worst, and also Pete Davidson is there being himself; and you know what? It absolutely rules.

Director Halina Reijin and writer Sarah DeLappe have managed to assemble one of the most entertaining horror movies that I’ve had the pleasure of watching in 2022. The movie manages to be funny and extremely tense, and sprinkle in enough violent death and carnage to round the whole thing out. I really had low expectations of this one, worried it would be an empty and irritating mess, but it really isn’t. The characters are all extremely likable in how deeply unlikable they are, they are the very definition of deeply toxic people who kind of deserve each other, and inflict pain and suffering for seemingly no reason. It also manages to be a really satisfying whodunnit, that literally had my wife and I sitting on the edge of our seats wondering where things were going to go.

This is how you portray rich people, not as cool and aspirational, but as real and true fucking nightmare human beings, who don’t mean anything they say and who will say anything to ensure that they feel like they’re good people. This is one of the few movies that manages to make jokes about virtue signaling and hypocritical liberal bullshit, without it being some kind of gross right-wing propaganda. Instead, it takes aim at the center from the left in ways that are just so funny and gratifying. What if, instead of us eating the rich, we left them alone to eat themselves?

Along with a sharp-as-hell script, the movie has a spectacularly on-board cast. Amanda Stenberg and Mara Bakalova are the audience anchor characters, but this is an ensemble through and through. It also has the rare honour in this genre we all love of being almost entirely a story about and by women, the male characters have a role to be sure, but this is never their story and it really gives this wonderful and fresh feeling to the whole thing.

It’s hard to say too much about the story without spoiling it, hence the warning at the beginning, but it is so worth just going in as blind as possible. There are red-herrings and turns aplenty, and some really excellent tension throughout; building to a real fucking gut punch that manages to be extremely funny at the same time.

If I write much more, I’ll get to specific and I don’t want to do that, so lets close by saying: seek out this movie. It’s an easy contender for one of my favourites of the year. My expectations were, genuinely, low on this one and I’m so glad I gave it a look anyways. Just think, I could have been watching Kiss Meets the Phantom tonight, and that would have really been a night wasted. So, if you want a solid sexy thriller to check out this spookiest of seasons, add this to the list.


My Best Friend’s Exorcism (2022) Review: The power of Boy George compels you

Yeah, I know, this was supposed to be a musical review of K-12 – but after about 15 minutes I realized I absolutely wasn’t interested in watching an extended  music video/concept album and wanted to watch something else. So, here we are. I would apologize, but I’m not sorry. I’ve said it before, life is too short for movies you don’t actually feel like watching. Lets clear this house bay-bee.

So, My Best Friend’s Exorcism is adapted from the novel by Grad Hendrix – which I haven’t read and so I won’t be able to speak to how this works as an adaptation or anything like that, but I will say it has maybe piqued my interest in checking out the book so that’s an endorsement I guess isn’t it? Alright, so what is it then?

Directed by Damon Thomas (Killing Eve), written by Jenna Lamia (90210), and starring Elise Fisher (Eighth Grade), Amiah Miller (Lights Out), and Christopher Lowell (Glow) – there’s a lot of mixed signs here, and it doesn’t really surprise me that this movie didn’t seem to receive a huge amount of advanced promotion. Or at least I didn’t hear a single god damn thing about it.

This is a story set in the ’80s, because that’s all we know how to do right now, and centers around the story of, well, two best friends struggling with one friend’s impending move, who drop acid at a gathering and one of them becomes possessed, a classic thing we can all relate to. The story follows all of the standard tropes and trappings of just about any exorcism story you’ve seen, and while it won’t redefine a generation or anything, honestly, the movie is extremely charming and even teeters into being genuinely creepy (“The first one was 11 feet long” *shudders*).

I’d say the one place that the movie falls down is in its brief trip down the “friend thinks her friend was raped” cul-de-sac. IT’s one of those situations where the movie hasn’t really earned what it’s doing and also doesn’t unpack or address it enough, so it feels like a movie trying to take on something serious and dropping the ball. It’s not offensive or anything, it’s just sloppy, and there is definitely something that you can do with that if the script was a bit stronger, but here we are. Maybe the book is to blame, but I wouldn’t know and so it falls on the script.

The performances are all fine, Lowell is genuinely funny as one of a trio of faith-based body builders who serves as the exorcist. Their whole thing is very funny and absolutely worked for me. Also, there’s a scene in broad daylight where our possessed girl throws up on an asshole and it’s just a beautiful moment. It’s also nice to see Elsie Fisher in something entertaining after the absolute dog-shit that was the most recent Texas Chainsaw Massacre. She deserves all the success after really coming out strong with Eighth Grade, so I’m always happy to see her in stuff.

My Best Friend’s Exorcism is pretty light fare, not a kid’s horror film by any stretch, but just a bit of fun Halloween fare that is well worth taking a look at if you’re looking for something new and that isn’t going to overstay it’s welcome. While it does take a stab at a couple of things that it … maybe didn’t need to, it’s a solid effort and a well acted little movie. You could do much worse, and you know you’re looking for something to watch this month. Plus, the soundtrack is pretty fun, so that’s also good.