Book Review: My Soul To Keep by Jackie Sonnenberg

This book is part of a series where Jackie takes old nursery rhymes and writes horror stories based off of them. If the rest of the stories are even half as good as this one, we’re all in for some good reading.

My Soul To Keep follows the story of Sky, who starts at a brand new boarding school after the death of her father. She joins the group Guardians of Light and soon gets wrapped up in their secrets.

When I’m reading a book, there’s only two things I really care about: The characters and the world building. I can forgive some weaker dialogue (not present here) and some tired old clichés (also not present here) as long as the characters are intriguing and the world that the author created is worth visiting. I was very happy with both of those in My Soul To Keep.

Even though it’s horror, there’s a sense of wonder and magic to the world that Jackie has created. The characters are fully fleshed out and while you’ll sometimes want to throw the book (or e-reader if you read it digitally like I did) in frustration, you’re doing it because you care about them so you’ll let a lot of their actions slide

Final thoughts:

I will read more works from Jackie and I’m very hyped to continue this series. I recommend this book to anybody who loves the paranormal.