31 Days of Horror Day 26: Scream

Scream - Poster

I know, I know.  I’m a day late on this.  Sorry.  Day 27 will be coming later today.  But, for now, we have Scream.

Scream - Billy and Stu

This brought the well-known (although not totally accurate) slasher rules to the masses.  It also somehow launched a new horror franchise with a new killer, all while making fun of the slasher genre as a whole.
That’s what is remarkable about this movie: it points out the ridiculousness of the horror genre, while still turning in a really good slasher flick.  It’s Wes Craven’s way of saying, “Here’s how ridiculous the slasher genre has become.  Let me fix that for you.”
It also marks the first and only time you’ll find yourself saying, “You know, I didn’t completely hate Jamie Kennedy.”

Do it, Billy!  DO IT NOW!
Do it, Billy! DO IT NOW!

I’m also a huge fan of the whole “Drew Barrymore shows up on the front of the poster but is killed in the first 10 minutes.”  I remember how shocking that was when this first came out.

Scream - Drew Barrymore

So let’s all sit down, make some stovetop popcorn, and watch Scream.  You got some extra time tonight?  Let’s watch all of them.

31 Days of Horror Day 23: Midnight Movie

Midnight Movie - Poster

It’s not a perfect movie, but I love it a little more every time I watch it.  It has a great premise: the slasher in an obscure movie (The Dark Beneath, which is pretty much Texas Chainsaw Massacre with hints of Psycho) is able to leave the confines of the film, grab unsuspecting viewers, pull them into the film and kill them.  It puts that little “what if” in your brain.  “What if this was Jason Voorhees?  How would I survive?”

Survival tip #1: Don't get stabbed
Survival tip #1: Don’t get stabbed

It’s a really fun concept, and the film does a good job of it.  It drags from time to time, but, for the most part, it’s a lot of fun.  It’s called Midnight Movie, so treat it as one.  Start it late at night, turn the lights off, and really get into the spirit of the movie.
Plus, this features early performances from Brea Grant and Rebekah Brandes, so that’s fun.

Midnight Movie - Running