Shawn’s Best/Worst of 2013

Shawn’s 10 Best Movies of 2013




10.  The Conjuring — Useless doll subplot aside, this movie had tension to spare

9.  Insidious Chapter 2 – Only slightly better than the original Insidious.

8. World War Z – I watched this with Ms.Horror-Writers and we enjoyed it. Go in expecting it to be completely different than the book.

7. State Of Emergency – Best Zombie movie in the last few years. Character driven.

6. All The Boys Love Mandy Lane – Not really a 2013 movie but I’m counting it anyway. The soundtrack alone is deserving of being on this list. Good homage to slasher films of old.

5. American Mary – One of the few times substance matches hype. Excellent film.

4. Deadly Presence – An indie film but one of my more enjoyable movie going experiences this year.

3. Evil Dead – I don’t care what people say, I loved everything about this movie.

2. Hatchet 3 – Is it possible to hate this series? No. No it is not.

1. John Dies At The End – It’s only horror on a technicality but it’s definitely the best movie I’ve seen this year. I’m a huge fan of the book and its sequel “This Book Is Full Of Spiders: Seriously Dude, Don’t Touch It” and was pleased with the movie translation.



Shawn’s Worst Movies of 2013


10. Hellraiser Revelations – Not as bad as it could have been but still wasn’t good.

9. Sinister – Stupid jump scare ending ruined all tension.

8. Paranormal Activity 4 – Came out last year, saw it this year and wished I didn’t.

7.  The Lords Of Salem – I respect the intentions of this movie but it doesn’t make up for the fact that it’s awful.

6. Dark Skies – Just plain simple stupid.

5. Dracula 3d – This movie can crawl back to the depths of hell from whence it was spawned.

4. The Last Exorcism 2 – Ugh. “Arbitrary incorrect usage of the word  Last joke”

3. The Haunting In Connecticut 2 – Just plain stupid.

2. The ABC’s Of Death – Only one good entry. It’s two hours of your life you’re never getting back. Terrible, awful, stupid film.

1. Dracula 3d – Yes this makes the list twice. Fuck everything about this movie. Fuck Argento, Fuck the people who gave him money to make it and Fuck this movie for existing. I took a two month break from the website after watching this. Was it related? Who knows.




Shawn’s 5 best albums of 2013


5. Coheed And Cambria – The Aftermath: Descension – These guys can do no wrong.

4. MGMT- MGMT – Every album is weirder than the last one. I love it.

3. The Gathering- Afterwords – I was sad when Anneke left the band but their new singer Silje has a beautiful voice. Paralyzed is the standout track here.

2. Low – The Invisible Way – Low is one of the best bands I’ve ever listened to. They have a minimalistic approach to their song-writing and it works. Jeff Tweedy(Wilco) produced this album and it’s unlike anything they’ve ever done before. They’re still writing beautiful and haunting music after 20 years.

1. Mazzy Star- Seasons Of Your Day – Hope Sandoval is my favorite active singer. Her ethereal, whispery voice adds a beauty to their songs that is unmatched anywhere. I’ve Gotta Stop makes this album #1 on the list. Their first album in 17 years was worth every second of the wait.